A Hotel Hires And Trains People With Disabilities As Part Of Their Business Plan

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[alert type=”alert-success” title=”An initiative led by Mr Patu Keswani and his team to help the differently abled people.”]

It started with a simple idea.  Patu Keshwani and his staff decided to change it. They began by hiring a few people to work in the back areas of the hotel and slowly integrated training programs dedicated to specific disabilities such as being deaf and having down syndrome. They hope to have about 3,000 disabled staff members by 2018.

This effort has had a great impact of their self esteem and their genuine smiles are a proof of that.

Often, businesses are so consumed by the bottom line, they fail to see other ways they can impact society. The best part of this story is that introducing a more diverse staff has been an uplifting experience for everyone, making their hotels a “great place to work.”



[youtube height=”500″ width=”800″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4Z3qcm8EgY[/youtube]

Our salute to everyone in this video who has inspired us to to make a change.

Credit: The Random Indians

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