6 Reasons Why You Should Not Go Around Money !

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You cannot get anything for free. Nowadays people buy and sell almost everything. Our era is also called the era of consumerism. Wherever you go you see advertisements and hear commercials offering you to try this and that.

You cannot resist and you buy things you do not really need. The industry makes more stuff for you to buy and you spend your whole life at work trying to earn the money that is needed to buy all this stuff. But have you ever realized that this is not what you live for. You deserve more than that. Stop being the slave of the industry and money. Break that vicious circle and learn to be more indifferent to money.

1. Money is not the best motivation


Why do most of us get up early in the morning and go to work? Most would say that this is how they make their living. We need work to make money. And almost none of us would say he works just because he likes his profession. Parents usually explain their kids that their future depends on their scores at school. Good results will allow them enter a better university or college which in turn guarantee a better position at work. What for? Again, the answer is the same: money. What you should really do is go to work in order to better your inner self, gain skills and experience and be more useful to the society.

2. Do not participate in the race for money

2. Do not participate in the race for money
People tend to compete when they feel that there is someone who is better than them. We measure success in money. It is considered that the more money the person makes the more successful he is in life. This is only partly true. There are too many people who are rich yet unhappy and lonely. Here the smartest decision is to quit comparing yourself to others and let others compete. Be yourself, do your job to cover basic expenses and do not pile money to prove others you can do what they can.

3. Money does not equal happiness

Money does not equal happiness
You might sometimes mistakenly think that all you need to be totally happy is more money. Actually, you would not be happy if you had more cash. Do not forget that money buys material things, but happiness is not sold. The real joy of life lies in your family, children, friends – all the things that involve moral values. Money will make you feel satisfied, not happy. Besides, satisfaction lasts only for a short time. Once you get used to what you have you start wishing for more. Learn to live on money that is enough to cover your basic needs.

4. Money cannot make you healthy

Money cannot make you healthy
When we are talking about health we mean 4 spheres: mental, spiritual, psychological and physical health. You will probably agree that making big money requires more effort, you go through stress and tension at work. You get less sleep at night. You feel more and more responsible and cannot relax. This damages your physical as well as psychological state. Why keep making money while losing health? Do not overwork. This will bring you negative emotions and experience.

5. Get the best things for free

Get the best things for free
Only children know what fun is. And it’s time for us, adults, reconsider our priorities! Kids appreciate games, cartoons, playing outside… All those activities can be obtained for free. When we grow up we think we cannot entertain ourselves if we do not pay for it. There are a lot of fun things to do and enjoy that do not require any finance. You can invite your best friend over and have a conversation. Spending a couple of hours outside is also great. And it makes no difference what the weather outside is. Staying at home and reading a book or watching your favorite movie – do whatever makes you happy.

6. Love is never on sale

Love is never on sale
We sometimes believe that if we have money, we can have all we want. There will always be someone who will try to prove that even love can be purchased. Do not believe those people. Love as well as loyalty an sincerity cannot be bought. Rich people attract others. Trust us, once they bankrupt and lose their money all those who now surround them will leave them. True friendship includes devotion 24/7. You are lucky if you are loved for your personality rather than your wealth. There is a lot that the Bible teaches us about money. Read it or talk to genuine believers and church-goers to find out what true Love is.

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