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Top 5 DIY Garden Projects to Amaze Your Beloved One

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Creating an inviting outdoor space is fun, and there are lots of DIY projects anyone can do to make the outdoor space fun for outdoor activities, a get together BBQ or just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Check out these projects and find the one just right for your backyard for your loved ones.

New life for old furniture

Despite the area in which your house is located, it always preferable to reinvent it. This can be done by using various expensive landscape designs, but this can be done for free by using scrap materials. A beautiful and original site can attract the attention of passers-by and all of your guests; thus, you will be a proud owner of a beautiful garden. Furniture that has not been used for a long time for its intended purpose can serve you well in its “afterlife.” By clearing it from old paint and re-painting it, you can use them in quite a few different ways:

  • Chairs: by removing the seat, in their place you can install large flower pots;
  • A dining table: you can convert it into a stand for shoes by sticking it to a wall;
  • A back of a chair: you can make a shelf, a hanger for trifles, or an original photo frame;
  • A wooden bed: you can suspend it on a wall and thus creating a hanging bed;
  • An office chair: if you remove the legs of a chair and attach the rope to it, you can build a swing for children.
  • A door: this is a great base for racks, shelves, mirrors, and hangers.

Ordinary stones

Stone is a reliable natural material that is an excellent piece of décor for any house. Stone decorations are not afraid of weather conditions, do not lose their color and shape. Large boulders and small pebbles can be used in combination with beautiful plants in Japanese or Italian style, which will suit any garden. Your girlfriend will surely appreciate all of your work and dedication, but if you don’t have one right now, then be sure to check out this dating site with lots of single women online.

One of the classic uses of stones in a garden is to make a fountain. In a fountain, a wet stone plays in all the new color and takes on an interesting look. You can make a small house for dwarves by using stones or an old stump. People who like exotic plants can create a garden by using stones. Also, another great way to use stones in a garden is to make all sorts of various pathways.

Putting plastic bottles to use

Plastic is an easily accessible and inexpensive material. Due to such qualities as strength, flexibility, and durability, modern craftsmen have found many applications for it:

  • Different handmade crafts;
  • Improvised tools and devices;
  • Plastic enclosures against rodents and pests;
  • A mini-greenhouse for seedlings; a bird feeder and a fly trap;
  • A water dispenser;
  • Various pots for street flowers. Here’s an article that lists 11 ways to use cleverly use plastic bottles in a garden, be sure to check it out.

Different ways to use twigs

There are many ways in which one can use twigs in house decor. You can weave baskets, arbors, benches, arches, and small curbs for your flowers, decorations for pounds, and fountains.

But the most common way to use them is to build a fence. They can not only protect your house but also provide a recreation area and a place for your pets or greenery. And while this is not the most secure way to protect your property, this is certainly the cheapest way to do it.

To create a wicker fence, you should use the twigs of trees that grow near the water. You can also use young aspen, hazel, or any available twigs of garden trees. You should take only strong twigs, which are harvested in the fall. They are sanded, dried, bundled, and stored until needed. Before use, the dry vine should be well steamed, and for maximum protection, they should be well treated with a wood preservative.

Constructing a miniature pond

Every person that has a piece of land dreams of installing a decorative pond on their property. After all, a pond can fit into any design, and it shows the amount of dedication that its owner has. Regardless of whether or not you have a huge property, you should definitely consider this idea as it is quite easy to make a pond.

They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, yet all of them can be made using the same exact technique. A tank is filled with gravel, pots with water plants are placed in it. Then, the entire tank gets filled with water:

  • For a pond, you can use small containers: large flower pots and tubs.
  • You should use the biggest containers that you have and carefully choose where to place them.
  • An old barrel, which should be buried into the ground, will become a stationary deep pond. It is possible to make a fountain or a small waterfall out of it.
  • Placing a pond on a terrace. Any plastic container will do in this case. Also, you can attach wheels to it for easier transportation.

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