The best video ever showing how much difficult it is for a girl in India | Anti Molestation Awareness

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Guys stalking and trying to molest a girl walking on a busy street. They were ashamed and embarrassed when they realised who really she is!!!! Stop This Right Now.

Ours is a country where women are stared at, groped and molested every day. A woman in India will have many shocking stories to share. As per government data, crimes against women in India are increasing day by day and it has increased more than 26.7 %  compared to last year, a number we should be ashamed of.

Shame on every guy who indulges in eve-teasing. This film will make every man sit up and think about this evil of our society.

An awareness short film which frames an issue of eve teasing. A girl is heading towards her home, where she is been surrounded by couple of boys, and there comes is shocking twist.