10 kinds of lies in which we somehow believe

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In life we ​​are surrounded by formulaic ideas about what is right and what is not. We get used to take them for the truth and live by clinging to them, despite the fact that very often the load pulls us down.

Lies 1.  Own – means "lonely"
The fact that you are now alone, does not mean that you are alone. And if it comes to that, a personal relationship is not guarantee happiness. And leave without a pair, you will never be alone as much as in all the wrong ways. If you realize that the life of this man will not leave anything good, better tear this relationship and spend a little time on the most important person in your life – you. Try to find yourself. To regain self-esteem. And the next time you find yourself in a rapidly sinking personal relationships, you will be ready in time they leave.


Lies 2. Happiness – is when you have everything you want
What you happy does not mean that you do not want to. Just you are grateful for what you have, and patiently waiting for that to happen. Sometimes we get so carried away by the desire for something more, which completely lose sight of those tiny things that make our lives magic. Therefore, the value today – trust me, it's worth it. After all, he – one of those "good old days", which you will remember with such nostalgia in old age.


Lies 3. If you lie to someone bad, you will immediately see it
All of us there and hurt and scared and bad. Just some have learned to hide it much better than others. You do not know what goes on behind the closed doors of their souls, and therefore judge people only by what you see – a waste of time and effort. If you have time to discuss and condemn other people, you probably have too much free time. Better aim at something worthy.

Lies 4. Life has to go a certain way and not the other way
No one can hurt more than we do. But, having put his soul wound, but we can heal it and – it is sometimes enough to not be ashamed of your thoughts and be realistic. After all, we always have a choice of how to respond to the situations faced by us life. So give up the unrealistic image in your head, you are attempting to fit your life, and start to take it for what it is. Change that is amenable to change, change your perspective on what can not be changed, and continue to move forward.


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Lies 5. You should be similar to someone else
When you stop comparing yourself to other people – whether real or imagined – and when you stop comparing yourself with other versions of themselves (for the most part exists only in your mind), but then you start to live in peace – and only in this alone there is absolutely nothing illusory.

Lies 6. A truly great life lived only a select few
If every morning would be to wake up with the words "Today I was waiting for a good day" and go to sleep, knowing how much he was good … Only then one day, many years later, you can, remembering the past, smile and say, "My Life was excellent."


Lies 7. We do not need hard times
Sometimes, in order to find happiness, you need to go through a genuine hell. Sometimes, in order to meet the right people, you have to get rid of those who have no place in your life. Sometimes, in order to understand what it means to be strong, you should feel a weakness. Sometimes you need to feel like your soul is split into parts in order to gain an inviolable integrity. Sometimes, to find that certain someone with whom you can spend the rest of life, it is necessary to pass through the crowds. Sometimes we have to meet with open arms both good and bad, knowing that in the end both will bring us invaluable experience.


Lies 8. Be strong – so do not feel pain
In fact, strong people – the ones who feel the pain takes her, studying for her around, which can then overcome it. The essence of power – a determination to ask for a respite, shed tears, shake, and then return to the ring to fight the way you've never had.


Lies 9.  Lies "for the good" – this is normal
Before saying "I love you" feel the love. Be really grateful thanks to someone. Remorse, apologizing. Believe me, when your words are backed up by a genuine feeling, they penetrate into the depths of the hearts of others.


Lies 10. Dreams – a waste of time
The greatest gifts – those that are not visible to the eye, but the feelings of the heart. What we see is only a small part of what is possible. Imagination – is the ability to look beyond the horizon, to imagine something that is very important to us, but so far hidden from sight. Somewhere and someday you will certainly be waiting for something incredible – if your dreams will be enough to get it.


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