5 Things You May Not Know About Supplements

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The supplement industry continues to see massive growth, with more adults turning to supplementary diet plans than in years past. The dietary supplement market is currently estimated to be worth more than $150 billion and it is growing every day. Unfortunately, not all supplements are effective, yet some are costly. Before buying them, let supplement reviews be your guide so that you invest in a product that is effective and will meet your needs.

Not all dietary supplements are vitamins

Many people assume when they are taking supplements, they are in essence taking vitamins. However, it is important to note that only 13 vitamins exist, A, eight B vitamins, C, D, E and K. These vitamins are available as dietary supplements, but not all dietary supplements have vitamins.

When buying supplements, you need to determine what you need from them. If you need dietary supplements with specific vitamins, you need to confirm if the supplements meet your nutritional needs.

Supplements are not regulated

The number of supplements in the market is staggering. Do you sometimes wonder what it takes to produce supplements? Why are there more companies, including pharmaceuticals, providing supplements?

Supplements don’t have to undergo safety and efficacy tests before they get to the market. This, however, doesn’t mean supplements are not safe. The companies are just not obligated to prove the supplements are safe.

There is no one size fits all supplement

When choosing supplements, don’t focus so much on what someone else said about them, but if it is ideal for your body. Before buying supplements, it is best to visit your dietitian to find out your dietary needs and the best supplements to use. This is especially critical if you have a health condition. For example, if you have kidney disease, your dietary requirements may differ from another person with the same ailment. You may need extra calories, while another person requires less.

Taking more than the recommended intake doesn’t make you healthier

Some people falsely assume that supplements are not harmful, so they are not consistent on how much they take on any given day. Even though supplements are not regulated, most of the companies that provide them follow specific formulas to ensure the supplements are helpful, and not dangerous.

Supplements should not replace the food you need for proper nourishment. Therefore, taking more than the recommended dosage in the hope that you will boost your intake is a mistake. Your body needs most, if not all the nutrients in supplements, but taking too much can be harmful.

Some supplements contain prescription drugs

There is no limit to what supplements can do, but the most sought after supplements are those that help with weight loss, sexual enhancement and bodybuilding. Do you sometimes wonder how these supplements get to function so efficiently? The truth is some supplements get to be effective because they contain prescription drugs. For instance, if a sexual enhancing herbal supplement is as good as viagra, it probably has viagra in it.

Multivitamins and supplements are a great addition to your diet. Shopping for the best supplement can be challenging, but knowing what it contains will help you make the right choice.