12 Reasons Why The Ambassador Will Always Remain India’s Most Favourite Car

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Hindustan Motors, part of the $1.6-billion (nearly Rs. 9,500 crore) CK Birla Group, has suspended production at its Uttarpara factory in West Bengal.

The maker of the iconic Ambassador car cited "very low productivity, growing indiscipline, critical shortage of funds, lack of demand for its core product the Ambassador and large accumulation of liabilities" as the reasons behind the suspension of work at the plant.

Ambassador on Bullock Cart

Ambassador Production Stopped as Power Shifts in Delhi– Here are 12 Reasons Why It will Live in Indian Hearts

1. As a kid the one car you always felt the safest in was the sturdy, loyal Ambassador.

loyal Ambassador

2. No other car looks as good with the screaming siren on top as the Ambassador.

family cars and SUVS

3.Before there were family cars and SUVS, all our country had was the Ambassador.

Indias VIP car

4. There was a time when you heard VIP car, the only image that came to your mind was that of an Ambassador.

Hindustan Ambassador

5. When you were a kid and you were asked to draw a car, it was always the Ambassador you came up with.

Kids Ambassador

6. Perhaps the only car from an earlier generation with ample leg space, boot space and seating space.

Spacious Ambassador

7. Every young Indian driver has heard the saying “If you know how to drive an Ambassador, then you can drive any other car in the world”.

Ambassador in the heart

8. It looked damn good in any colour although the one colour that it looked truly majestic in was of course ‘white’.

Majesctic Ambassador

Ambassador with elephants

9. Our hearts beat faster with hope and anticipation when the concept Ambassador designed by Dilip Chhabria went viral a few years back.

Ambassador by Dilip Chhabria

10. For multiple Indian generations, the word cab and the name Ambassador were synonymous.

Taxis in India

11. No wonder it was rated as the best Taxi in the world by BBC Top Gear.

[youtube height=”500″ width=”800″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbP-GhH5Ci4[/youtube]

12. And lastly, Indian street art never looked this great on any other car.

Ambassador Classic

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