5 Video Game World Records That Are Impossible to Beat

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The documentary King of Kong shows that video game ratings, including mullets, are serious business. It can be difficult to keep up with anyone else trying to achieve a new speed run or another video game-related milestone. You can play Kickle Cubicle until your thumbs go numb and never get near to the masters’ ratings, but at the very least you’ll enjoy yourself.

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Pac-Man (Arcade) – Turbo Mode Kill Screen

Glitching out Pac-Man is the Holy Grail of professional retro games, with just a few individuals ever technically achieved it. There are a few games and applications that will offer you the kill screen right away, but it’s not the same as earning it the hard way. Just two individuals in existence have ever managed to cross the Kill Screen in Turbo Mode, which has Pac-Man and the ghosts running at almost three times their normal speeds.

Mega Man X-X3 (SNES)

Elite Mega Man player agwawaf defeated Mega Man X, X2, and X3 in just 43 minutes and 51 seconds, completing each game 100 percent. We get just what you’re saying “Is it only 44 minutes? Mega Man X, though, has already been defeated in 32 minutes, 33 minutes, and 42 minutes.” This was a tool-aided speedrun in which agwawaf played all three games at the same time.

The Legend of Zelda (NES) – Extreme Challenge

The Zelda Extreme Challenge has strict guidelines, and the mission starts with you leaving your sword behind. You can’t collect most treasures, destroy over-world monsters inadvertently, can only use explosives and fire on bosses. When you reach the final boss, you’ll realize that you can’t beat him without the jewels you’ve missed. You’ve done anything, so you’ll never taste sweet triumph. In both the first and second search modes, only four individuals have accomplished the mission.

Call of Duty (PlayStation 3)

The longest Call of Duty gaming session is 135 hours, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, but there’s a catch: the record holder was permitted to take a 10-minute break for every hour of action, allowing him to catch some much-needed rest. Guinness enabled these breaks after a teenager died in a different record attempt while playing Diablo 3 for 40 hours in a row. Spending six days in a nonstop war-zone will be enough to break anyone’s spirit. This is the world record for gaming marathons with a remote in hand, but you won’t believe what came after that.

Just Dance 4 (Xbox 360)

You’ll be exhausted just thinking about this California schoolteacher’s video game record. Carrie Swidecki broke the mark for the longest game marathon ever when playing Just Dance 4—take a minute to absorb that. Swidecki broke three world records at once when playing a dance game that required him to be up and moving all the time. She set world records for the longest video game marathon of all time, the longest marathon playing a dance game, and the longest marathon with a motion-sensing game by dancing until the 138-hour mark. Swidecki lost 80 pounds and earned over $7,000 for children’s welfare charities thanks to her love of Just Dance 4.