15 Amazing & Proven Health Benefits of Carrot

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Carrots are root vegetables known for their vibrant color and their ability to really benefit the vision.

These vegetables belong to the Umbelliferae family and are available through the year. Carrots, like most vegetables, are powerhouses of nutrition. Carrots are frequently orange but can also be found in white, purple and red. The greens of carrots are also crunchy and refreshing to eat.

Do you tend to reach for whole carrots instead of juicing? If so, you’re missing out on the impressive benefits of carrot juice. In fact, many people refer to it as a miracle juice!


Beta carotene present in carrot juice carry with them vitamin A, which would not only increases the production of WBCs in your body, but also protects your body from various harmful bacteria. And don’t we all know that the increase in WBCs helps us in building a better immune system.

Lower the Cholesterol

Carrot juice has potassium, which helps reduce the level of cholesterol in your heart. As we all know, cholesterol is very harmful for your heart.

Cancer Prevention

Carrot contains good amount of anti-cancer nutrient, beta-carotene. To get maximum benefits of carrot, you should make use of it daily in each meal. The National Cancer Institute is studying the carrots for its protective effects. Carrot juice has anti-carcinogen properties. Thus, it helps prevent cancer. It is also believed to have cancer-curing properties.

Research has proven that getting the proper level of antioxidants into our bloodstream will reduce the risk of cancer. Consumption of carrots increases the level of key antioxidants in the bloodstream.

Prevent Heart Disease

Studies shown that a diet high in carotenoids are associated with a lower risk of heart disease. Also, it is believed that regular consumption of carrots reduces LDL cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber in carrots can help lower blood cholesterol levels by binding with and removing bile acids, cholesterol triggers would be pulled out from the bloodstream to make more bile acids.

Reduce the Risk of Stroke

According to a research from Harvard University, people who ate more than six carrots a week are much less likely to suffer a stroke than those who ate only one carrot a month or more.

Dental Health

Carrots can also help clean your teeth after meals. They act as natural abrasives that help in eliminating dirt and plague from the teeth and gums. They’re also trigger a lot of saliva, which helps to scrub away stains on your teeth. The minerals contained in carrots helps to kill germs in the mouth and prevent tooth damage.

Skin Health

They are also good for the skin. Its juice keeps the mucus membranes of all cavities of the body in healthy condition. It is beneficial in the treatment of dry and rough skin.

Cures Constipation

Whenever you have constipation, it is caused due to food being packed in your colon. Carrots, along with most fruits and veggies are rich in fibre which helps in clearing the pathway, thus curing constipation.


Carrot soup is a home remedy for diarrhea because it calms the bowel and slows down bacterial development. This is an effective natural remedy.

This soup gives sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur and magnesium essential to check diarrhea. Besides, it is a good source of pectin and coats the intestine to allay inflammation. It checks growth of harmful bacteria and prevents vomiting. It is especially useful for children.

Worm Infestation

Carrots are useful in the removal of worms from children. An infusion of carrot has long been used as a folk remedy for thread worms.

A small cup of juice or two medium sized carrots taken in the morning for at least a week clears the thread worm.


Beta carotene and vitamin A in carrot juice will slow down the damage of your skin cells, helping in reducing the signs of aging. Both wrinkles and sagging can be prevented by having carrot juice. Even more, the detoxifying properties of carrot juice makes your skin clean and prevents acne.

Prevent Diabetes

Benefits of carrot includes control of diabetes. Carrot is good for blood sugar regulation because of the presence of carotenoids in them. Carotenoids inversely affect insulin resistance and thus lower blood sugar.

Helps in Blood Clotting

You might have noticed that every time you suffer from a small cut, the bleeding automatically stops after a while. The reason behind this is that your body forms a blood clot to prevent excess bleeding. Vitamin K, a nutrient present in carrots helps speed up the process.

Gastrointestinal Health

Benefits of carrot extends to gastrointestinal health also. Regular use of carrot prevents formation of gastric ulcer and other digestive disorders.
Its juice is an effective remedy in diseases like intestinal colic, colitis, appendicitis, peptic ulcer and dyspepsia.


Among the many beneficial phytochemicals that carrots contain is a phytonutrient called falcarinol, which may reduce the risk of colon cancer and help promote overall colon health.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Carrots

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