“Goodbye, Diesel Train”: This Brutal Soviet Bad Boy Has Been Destroyed In Estonia

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Soviet Diesel Train Destroyed :(

Couple days ago near Tallinn (in Estonia its now) Soviet train has been destroyed. A survived old Russian loco called “DR1A-2283″ (just like droids in Star Wars) found its last grave in Estonia and we have photos how it was.

It was pretty nice design, might be used in a museum.

Just imagine many people that were traveling on it. Happy children, summer brakes, trains were sort of very vital in the Soviet vast terrains.

But they scrapped it for the metal

Now being scrapped for money, capitalism has no regrets.

Many of them were already sent to museums and also sold to Kazakhstan. No one else was interested in buying them.

What else are government supposed to do with the old trains? Keep them rusting around? Share your thoughts!