15+ Dumb Drivers Who Should Not Be Allowed On The Road – Part 1

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We’ve all seen at least one PSA about the dangers of texting while driving, but where are the warnings about playing the trumpet while driving (equally dangerous people).

Yes, there are people out there driving distracted by some truly outrageous activities and lucky for us they were caught on camera. The individuals in the following photos could definitely benefit from reading a book on how to drive more safely, however, unlike the guy in one of the photos we don’t recommend they read it while driving.

This is our reminder for the next time you’re out on the road, keep your eyes open for some truly bizarre sights because you never know what you will see on the highway. However, for now, you can scroll below!

#1 How To You Lose The Mattress, Break Your Arm, And Crash The Car All At The Same Time?


#2 Tree-Wheel Drive


#3 Hay, Watch Where You’re Going!


#4 75-80 MPH, Holding A Plate With A Fork And Knife And Talking On The Phone


#5 Caught Reading A Book While Driving


#6 Riding A Motorbike While Holding A Baby Is A Bad Idea


#7 My Cab Driver Is Reading “Learning To Drive”… While Driving


#8 I’m Speechless


#9 Thought It Was A Backpack At First


#10 Driving Without Hands, Feet, Or Brain?


#11 What Could Go Wrong?


#12 My Friend Took This Yesterday. Yes, That Is A Police Officer Texting While Driving A Motorcycle


#13 Bungee Cord Would Have Been Too Much Of A Hassle


#14 I Have Also Seen A Man Playing The Trumpet While Driving


#15 How You Know They’re Straight


#16 Only In Vietnam


#17 Really? Not Even A Helmet?


#18 Curling Hair With A Curling Iron While Driving On A Highway At 90 km/h


#19 Safety First


#20 When Tow Trucks Are Too Expensive And A New Paint And Other Minor Repairs Aren’t

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