Worried Your Partner Might Be Unfaithful? Here’s The Latest Way To Catch Cheaters

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Smarttress with Lover Detection System is a revolutionary mattress composed of 24 intelligent sensors capable of capturing the “suspicious” bed movement. In this way if you are not at home, Smarttress will send an alert to your mobile when the mattress is being used.

The thing about technology is that while it makes a lot of things (like cheating on your partner, for instance) easier, it is also going to complicate a lot of things. Like cheating on your partner!

And the latest way to catch unfaithful scum is here thanks to Durmet, a Spanish mattress company. They've come up with a smart mattress which detects "whenever someone is using your bed in a questionable way."

How it works? Well, if your partner invites someone over for some sexy time when you're toiling away at work, you will get a notification on your smartphone. The product has been appropriately named as a smarttress. It costs $1,750 which roughly translates to ₹1,16,000.


Here's a video on how the smarttress works:


[youtube height=”500″ width=”800″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWP4n4BfAYo[/youtube]

As the company website states: "If your partner isn't faithful, at least your mattress is!"