Englishman Convert £100 “Ford Granada” Into £1 Million Supercar “Pagani Zonda”

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Who needs a real supercar, when you can make your own for £15,000 and thousands of hours work? One man, IT specialist Nick Truman from Buckinghamshire, converted a £100 Ford Granada — a car not known for its top speeds or luxury — and made it into a pretty decent resemblance of a 200-mph Pagani Zonda.

The real thing looks like this:

Ford granada

Truman’s version looks like this:

Nick truman made a copy of the 200-mph pagani zonda.
After buying the Ford, he scoured eBay for parts, picking up Lexus wheels, tyres from a Porsche and a £5 gearbox. Another engine, new lights and a fibreglass body were also needed, as Truman pieced together the replica.

The total cost of his efforts: £15,000. The average cost of a Pagani Zonda: upwards of £1 million. Only 15 of the supercars were ever made.

Trying to get the car just right was a labour of love. “A lot of blood and sweat went into it, literally,” he reportedly said. “On one day, I lost the tip of my index finger in the turbo and it came out of the exhaust.”

“It was a fun project to do with my children, although my wife wasn’t overly impressed.”

The car isn’t allowed to be driven on real roads, but Truman hopes to take it to the Top Gear test track to give it a spin.

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H/T: mashable.com
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