How Travel Nursing Can Help You Improve Your Skills

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Travel nursing is a great way to get paid to see the country, hone your skills and advance your career. But there are some major pros and cons to consider before you jump into this exciting lifestyle.

Working multiple travel nursing assignments can give you a more diverse set of skills that will help your career grow. Travel nursing provides an excellent opportunity to hone your skills. Learn how these skills will make you more employable in the following ways:


The ability to work well as part of a team is an essential skill in nursing. Travel nurses often work with various healthcare professionals, so this skill is important in building trust immediately. In addition, nurse leaders rely on strong teamwork to ensure the best possible care for patients.

As a travel nurse, you’ll work on short-term assignments at different hospitals and agencies. You’ll have to learn how new systems, electronic medical records, and staff work. Your flexibility and adaptability will help you adjust to the culture at each location and excel in your job. Plus, the best RN staffing agencies will help!

Plus, many travel nursing agencies coordinate deluxe travel nurses housing, so you don’t have to worry about finding or paying for accommodations on your assignment. This helps ease the stress of moving and gives you a chance to get to know your new home before deciding whether or not you want to move to a permanent position there. You’ll also be able to take advantage of opportunities to explore the area with your new coworkers.


Travel nursing allows nurses to see multiple sides of the profession quickly. Nurses need to be able to adapt to their surroundings and fit in with the hospital’s culture.

During every 13-week contract, you’re in a new environment. Embracing each assignment with curiosity and an open mind helps you grow as a nurse.

You can also use the flexibility of a travel nursing contract to explore your personal goals. You may have wanted to take a Spanish class or try surfing. Travel nursing allows you to pursue these interests while working at top healthcare facilities nationwide. Working in different locations can help you decide to change your nursing specialty.


Travel nurses must learn and work with new teams on every assignment, so strong communication skills are critical. Communicating effectively with patients, coworkers, and other healthcare professionals will help you build a solid network for future assignments.

You’ll work at various hospitals and healthcare facilities while on assignment, including magnet hospitals and level I trauma centers. This experience broadens your nursing skill set and demonstrates your diverse background to employers.

Additionally, many travel nurse assignments require you to work in locations with a high need for nurses, such as during a strike. Hospitals often incentivize travel nurses to take these jobs to keep patient care moving forward.

You’ll also likely encounter patients whose first language needs to be English on your travel nursing assignments. Basic language skills, or even a beginner-level course, will improve your communication ability with these patients. You can then offer more empathy to your patients and better understand their needs and concerns.

Emotional Intelligence

You will regularly deal with many patients and situations in this career. Your emotional intelligence will help you handle the stress of these situations and make good clinical decisions that are in the best interest of your patients.

Travel nurses often get to see parts of the country that they would not otherwise be able to experience and the connections they build with patients and coworkers last long after their contract is over. These relationships can lead to permanent job offers or even lifelong friends!

Nurses also gain a deeper understanding of the healthcare system by working at hospitals in all different areas of the country. This can help them when ready to take on a leadership role or move into administration at their next position. This additional knowledge will make them more valuable to their employers and give them an edge in a competitive hiring environment.


Travel nurses are often removed from the drama and politics of the hospital they work for – which can help them develop their leadership skills. As a travel nurse, you will likely encounter many different patients and cultures. Communicating well with people from all walks of life is key in this profession and will benefit you as a healthcare professional and in your personal life.

You can also learn a lot about yourself through the people you meet and your experiences while traveling. Strong communication and interpersonal skills will help you be a more effective leader, no matter where your career takes you.

While some might think a travel nursing job is not for them, this unique lifestyle has many benefits. Travel nursing is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to hone their clinical skills, experience new places, and grow their network.

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