A year by year map history of India from the 4th century BC to date

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The History of India: Every Year


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This video will show the entire history of India from 29th century BCE to 2016. Due to their extreme timescales, the Indus Valley and Vedic periods cannot be shown every year, although every year is shown from 413 BCE.


Numbered Kingdoms:
1: Western Coastal Plains States
2: Pundravardhana
3: Vangala
4: Khandesh Sultanate
5: Bidar
6: Gingee
7: Tanjore
8: Gingee (Maratha last-stand)
9: Madurai
10: Nawab of Bahawalpur


Thanks to these guys providing help:

EmperorTigerstar (inspiration for the colour scheme): https://www.youtube.com/user/EmperorTigerstar
DavidJL1234 (a few border changes between the 1830s and 1870s): https://www.youtube.com/user/davidjl1234

Track 1:Rajas of India (CK2 Soundtrack)
Track 2: From East to Farther East (CK2)
Track 3: Crack your head with a tabla (Medieval 2)
Track 4: Waterflame – Glorious Morning

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