Laws of the spirit world—Is there a Life after death??

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Sometimes lot of questions come into our mind e.g.

1. What happens after we die?
2. Is there a life after death?
3. Do ghosts exist?
4. Is there heaven or hell?
5. Are there multiple gods or just one?

Well, we will try to answer all the above questions through reference of a book "Laws of the Spirit World".

In this book all the learnings are delivered by Vispi and Ratoo (brothers) from the spirit world to their parents Rumi and Khorshed after they had a car accident in 1980 and transitioned from earth plan to higher dimension for this lifetime. The message this book tries to convey is that earth is a learning school and we should try to make best of our life by doing good deeds, by helping others and sharing their sorrows.

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The Laws Of The Spirit World is the true story of Khorshed and Rumi Bhavnagri, whose lives were shattered when they lost their young sons, Vispi and Ratoo in a car accident. They went into a state of denial and started to lose their faith in God. At that stage, they were approached by a stranger, a medium who helped them communicate with their dead sons. What followed was a fascinating account of the Spirit World and laid bare the answers to all questions about life, its purpose, destiny, karma, death, afterlife, and reincarnation.

Khorshed started communicating with her sons through telepathy and automatic writing, and they encouraged her to fulfil her purpose on Earth – to spread spiritual knowledge, comfort and guide people in need, and help them to stay on the true path of god. This would help their souls advance spiritually. Her sons dictated the book and encouraged her to publish it so that the true laws of the spirit world could reach and influence a wider audience. It is written in the form of a journal through automatic writing, which is a method of communicating with the spirit world through a link. It introduces the various methods of establishing contact with the spirit world through telepathy, ESP (extra sensory perception), out-of-body experience, and astral plane.


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* Human beings die and reach one of the 7 realms.

* Their destination is decided solely by their karma.

* Each realm has 9 levels to cross.

* Each realm is headed by a High good soul.

* Realms 1-3 have misery, darkness, mental torture, rocky surface and strange creatures.

* Realm 4 has day and night, much like Earth, and spirit souls there have both good and bad ways about them.

* Realms 5-7 get progressively better, peaceful, happy and beautiful places to be.

* It takes thousands of earth years to progress through these realms.

* Those who are in lower realms are guided by High good souls to take birth to pay off their bad Karma.

* All bad deeds and intentions have to be paid off.

* False charities or piousness on Earth is of no use at all.

* Humans die, shed their heavy and damaged bodies and ascend as spirit souls to higher realms depending on the good Karma they have earned.

* As spirit souls, they meet their loved ones or can track the progress of their loved ones on different realms.

* Spirit souls in realm 5 upwards have no malice in them; they are guided by good thought and are mandated to help those on Earth or lower realms.

* Realm 5 upwards are brightly lit up with beautiful flowers and fruits growing everywhere.

* Spirit souls do not have to eat or sleep; all they need is a dip in the water to feel rejuvenated and some necter every now on then.

* Spirit souls in realms 5 upwards are engaged in self-learning on the path of progression through realms. They may take birth mainly to speed up their progression to higher realms but may plunge even more if they lead mean lives.

* After progressing through levels of realm 7, spirit souls join God.

* As spirit souls progress through their good deeds, they keep getting lighter and brighter.

* Spirit souls are helped with their mandate of good Karma by guiding humans through their pain so the notion of letting spirits be and not communicating with them is unhelpful.

* Mediums who help connect humans with their related spirit souls are gifted humans who either use auto-writing or telepathy to communicate.

* Talking to spirit souls helps both the humans and the spirits so it must always be seen as a helpful exercise leading to living well and attaining good Karma.

* Only those spirit souls who want to connect with their human relatives will allow a connection.

* Humans who are mean and involved in lowly deeds may appear to be thriving on Earth but they will all suffer for each bad Karma by spending thousands of earth years in dark and torturous realms.

* Deeds are tracked by spirit souls through Akashikrecords.

* To pay off their bad Karma, really badly off spirit souls are guided by High good souls to take birth as beasts of burden as during their tortuous life, they are in effect paying off their Karma and later reaching higher realms.


The book is a brave attempt at providing faith and a ray of hope for those who have lost their dear ones and are looking for answers. It explains the concepts of hell and heaven, karma, justice, and life after death. The messages recorded in the book elaborate on the laws that govern the spirit world and the Spirit Guides or angels who guide and protect you during your time on this earth.

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