Most Hilarious Bank Robbery in Karachi Pakistan

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Karachi bank robbery turns into comedy of errors. On Friday 27th Feb  a criminal attempt's to steal from a bank located in the Sakhi Hasan area of Karachi (Pakistan) was caught on CCTV camera and can only be described as a comedy of errors. Despite all these errors, authorities were unable to stop the robbery from taking place.

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Give me the money or I will blow your head off …Oops…So what if the gun is not working, I have a hand grenade too. Beat it. That’s exactly how it turned out when an apparently un-backed-up rookie robber bungled his way to a somewhat successful bank heist at the point of a faulty gun here at Sakhi Hassan area Friday.

Surveillance camera recording showed an innocent looking bearded burglar, who seemed to have come straight out a seminary, entered the bank unchecked and quite undramatically pulled a gun out scaring other customers and the staff away from the teller’s counter. The determined dacoit was least bothered when his handgun jammed in the middle of the holdup because he had another explosive trick up his sleeve. Out came the grenade and everyone was running for their lives to find a place to hide.

After clearing the coast fumbling, stumbling and bumbling up and down the lobby of the bank, the greenhorn looter then muscled his way into the area behind the cash counter. He could be seen tearing down to the glass wall above the tellers’ windows using his weight and might before quite athletically jumping over the wooden counter to bag around Rs600,000 and hopping out with the loot like spiderman. On the deep left behind the scene of this crazy burglary could also be seen the bank’s private security guard standing carefreely as if supervising the crime.

The fun does not end here as the hotfooting first-timer forgot his malfunctioning gun on the cash counter. And this is not it, even his getaway ride, a wobbling rundown motorcycle, took like scores of kick-starting efforts before he escaped with the swag.

Police have registered a case and an investigation has been launched.

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