Motivational Poem-You Have To Gain The Momentum Again

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Every human has some goals in life like career, education, business goals. Goals are the stepping stones toward your dreams, but sometimes due to some uncertain reasons human get disappointed and loose hope, so in order to achieve them, you need motivation to keep you moving towards them. We can’t live our daily life happily without motivation. Motivation is the presence of purpose and desire to achieve daily life, career, and business goals. We are publishing a beautiful motivational poem on achieving lost success.

You have to gain,
The momentum again.

You might go slithering ,
But just move ahead, Do not stop moving.

You have the skills,
You can climb all the hills.

Just memorize the day you forgot,
Try to find all the hope you lost.

The golden days that were in your hand,
Can reach to you again.

You have to gain,
The momentum again.

Success is definitely made for you,
Just fight hard, and the dream will come true.

Even if nobody is in your favor,
Just remember the nature is your savior.

Every success has a tough story behind,
A dedicated heart, a struggling body, and a dreaming mind.

This powerful combination is the reason for every gain,
You have to gain the momentum again.

Think beyond the limits,
Do not afraid of flops and hits.

Try to cross each hurdle, go beyond the sky.
Flying with little wings, but continuously, is the only way to go high.

Never forget Almighty is with you,
Keep focusing on what you want to do.

It all for once, opportunities you are getting,
Angels are there for you, to grab the things.

Do not loose, go ahead, Universe is waiting.
Think of the accomplishment of task, not on rating.

By chance ,if you loose, do not loose your heart,
Make a note of all mistakes committed in past.

Take it as a lesson, boost yourself, and restart,
Everyone is unique with some qualities, enough smart.

Believe in your self that you can,
You have to gain, momentum again.

Hope you like this poem, please share this poem with friend and family.

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