Best Love Poem to Deceased Boyfriend [Valentine Special]

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When someone you love has left you or unfortunately no more with you,  there is a feeling of missing a part of yourself. Missing someone you love most is the most painful thing one can go through. Here is a story of a old lady who wrote this poem for this valentine day to his late boyfriend, in his loving memory. She spent her whole life waiting for his soul that one day she will get another chance to live life with him.


Before I met you I have only heard about that dreams come true,
That day when you entered in my life I started believing that, my dream is you.

I was waiting for the time to share my feelings, but suddenly I realized you too hold the same set of dreams with me,
I was happy to know, it was not one sided but two, we both wanted to share the same cup of coffee.

And finally we went on date, you told me your stories and I told mine.
It was clear by then that we both were somewhere void, empty, hollow inside.

We found a hope to fill the gaps, and complement each other.
Hence the journey of love started and it went smoother and smoother.

But one black day came, the heaven stolen you from me, your soul vanished in the sky.
I was holding your body in my arms, just freeze, could not speak,  even missed to say you last goodbye.

That last moment always flew in my mind and bloodstream.
I have lost everything, my care-taker, my lover, my most precious dream.

I was unable to control myself, when I was depressed,alone. I just needed a you my guide,
I wanted to find a way to meet you again , some other way than committing suicide.

I passed days, month and years just looking at your photos and recalling all memories.
I could pass the whole life without you, but deep in with you in my mind, for centuries.

I know, Angels must have told you about my raw pain and the aches I am going through.
If ever you plan a trip to this world from another world, just give me clue.

Make sure this time, take me with you.
Give me another chance to make my dream complete and true.

you may feel while reading this that this poem really spoke to you. It is your story. Please comment if you felt the same for some one.

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