I Have Never Seen Such A Beautiful Adieu Email Poetry

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We’re emotional creatures, especially during times of change, Though its our decision to leave organization for better opportunity and hike but we feel nostalgic at the end of the day. Leaving a company at good note by leaving a lasting impression among your peers, along with plenty of contagious goodwill is a good practice. Here is a good bye last day E-mail from an employee of reputed Organization, with beautiful rhymes.


It’s time for a declaration,
Today I am leaving the organization.
Now it’s time  to pack away,
all the memories together we play.


Seen many phases of professionalism in three years,
sharing the experience with few tears.
the time when I was recognized and celebrated,
and also the time when I was highly demotivated.


Thanks to all who shown confidence in me,
Developed professionalism with exceeds.
Thanks to all who demotivated me,
Developed a sense in me to MOVE ON and crossover the sea.


Lucky to be part of this ocean,
learn to swim and exist in slow motion.
Earned much but saved nothing,
Friends I have are only in the name of saving.


I was liked by many followed by few,
Treated among thousands raindrop as a pearl of dew.
Just for a short span of time a friend as new,
however expressing my gratitude is due.


To all my friends who came by chance,
Entered in my life with lots of moves and dance.
You all filled my world with joy and grace,
You made my world full of masti and happier place.


I am thankful to have friends like you,
It’s almost like dream come true.
Leaving you all with a promise to keep in touch,
And a promise to miss you all with tearless & smile much.


We may turn to new and different path with pace,
No wonder all will be busy in their life’s race.
But when we across will be there to embrace,
Ups and down will enjoy together with laughing face.

Credit: Asha Shree

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