Max deewana bana de Marriage Party Ad

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Sony Max has rolled out the latest version of its ‘Deewana bana de’ campaign. Conceptualised by DDB Mudra, the campaign consists of three TVCs, one of which is currently on-air.

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The TVC titled ‘Dhoom’ is set in a village where a groom is travelling with his family on a tuk-tuk. The groom is shown to be getting impatient as the rider is riding at an awfully slow pace. The groom urges the rider to move faster as he tells him it’s his first wedding. This has no affect on the rider and he continues to ride slowly. Soon one of the family members starts humming the tune of the title track from Dhoom. The rest of the family joins in and sings along. This inspires the rider. He soon undergoes a transformation and starts speeding. The film ends with the rider performing a wheelie. The voice over says ‘Ab khul ke phailegi deewangi’ (The madness will spread).

Vaishali Sharma – vice president, marketing and communications, Sony Max, said, “We have had a brand idea, which is deewana banaa de. Year-on-year we look to strengthen the emotional connect. If you look at the top five players in the industry, the product differentiation is very minimal as the content is pretty much the same. However with Max, one way of ensuring we’re top of mind and in the hearts of viewers is through our brand campaign. We look to strengthen emotional connect with the large base of viewers we have and want to build on the relationship they have with hindi movies."

“The brief given to DDB Mudra was to strengthen brand positioning emotionally. We wanted to create brand relevance across India. We wanted to go down and connect to rural India as well. Further, we want to be a lot more intrusive in the kind of audience and continue to set benchmarks in the market,” added Sharma.

Sonal Dabral, chairman and CCO, DDB Mudra Group, said, "India is a country passionate and obsessed with ‘Bollywood’ and what better way to capture this unique obsession than by coming out with a campaign which pays homage to Indian cinema. The new campaign is all about infecting people with passion and love for this great Indian cinema and to encourage people to see the lighter side in every walk of life.”

The other two TVCs will go live within a week. The films will be running on Sony’s network channels and across other channels as well.
Sharma also hinted at a digital campaign to compliment these TVC, which is expected to be rolled out in 10 days.


Client: Sony Max
Creative agency: DDB Mudra
Production house: Chrome Pictures

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