Purja | A Punjabi Movie on Eve Teasing | This video will touch your heart for sure

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Purja is a short Movie by Rabby Tiwana is based on Eve Teasing. Rabby Tiwana is known for famous social media page “Troll Punjabi”. He is famous for making trolls of Singers, Actors,various situations and creative funny images. Recently he debuted as a director with short film ‘Secret Ballet’ that was based on Indian Politics during Election Time.

Present short film “Purja” is Tiwana’s 2nd film starring Pukhraj Bhalla, Neha Jaswal, Ramandeep Dhillon, Paramveer Sharma. Story of film is written by Jagdeep Singh Sidhu. Film highlights the serious issue of Eve Teasing popularly known as “Gedi” in Punjabi Reasons, and ends with very important facts and conclusion.

The message is simple that to change the world around us “We will have to change ourselves first”. Until we realize that every girl we tease like is our own sister or mother, we can not expect the world around us to Change. Please spread this beautiful message by sharing this video.
[youtube width=”800″ height=”500″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhHrcGCxPac[/youtube]
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