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10 Hilarious Facts What you Expect & What is Reality about Christmas Holidays !

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I get really excited for Christmas. I totally build it up in my mind. I picture my husband loving every gift that I get him (in reality he doesn't actually like gifts because he figures that if he wants something, he'd buy it, so what could I possibly get him that he doesn't already have?), and looking really cute in the Christmas photos (in reality my hair is messed and I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep)… you get the picture. The holidays never go as you've built them up in your mind.

Perhaps that's why we have so many Scrooges and Grinches that would rather say Bah Humbug than Merry Christmas. But really, if we can just laugh over our silly expectations, we can enjoy the holidays.

Here are some hilariously true holiday expectations vs reality:


1# Office Christmas party. Expectation:

1. Office Christmas party. Expectation


1. Office Christmas party. Reality


2# Cuddling up by the fireplace. Expectation:

2. Cuddling up by the fireplace. Expectation


2. Cuddling up by the fireplace. Reality


3# The reaction when someone opens a gift you gave them. Expectation:

3. The reaction when someone opens a gift you gave them. Expectation


3. The reaction when someone opens a gift you gave them. Reality


4# The Christmas parade. Expectation:

4. The Christmas parade. Expectation
Reality – no view:

4. The Christmas parade. Reality

5# Getting a picture with Santa. Expectation:

5. Getting a picture with Santa. Expectation


5. Getting a picture with Santa. Reality


6# Christmas tree. Expectation:

6. Christmas tree. Expectation


6. Christmas tree. Reality

7# Wrapping Christmas presents for loved ones. Expectation:

7. Wrapping Christmas presents for loved ones. Expectation


7. Wrapping Christmas presents for loved ones. Reality

8# Building a snowman. Expectation:

8. Building a snowman. Expectation


8. Building a snowman. Reality


9# Cute "nerdy" couples photo. Expectation:

Loving couple with a lot of christmas gifts


9. Cute nerdy couples photo. Reality


10# Hot chocolate. Expectation:

10. Hot chocolate. Expectation


10. Hot chocolate. Reality


H/T : fun.diply


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