20 Statue & Painting Of Jesus Around The World

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. See the many ways the image of Jesus has spread across the globe!

1. Democratic Republic of the Congo

1 congo_jesus
2. Mongolia

3. India

3 india-folk-art-crucifixion-painting
4. Korea

4 jesus_korea
5. Peru

5 jesus_peru
6. Philippines

6 jesus_philippines
7. Notre Dame de la Garde – Marseille, France

7 france_jesus
8. New Zealand

8 jesus_newzealand
9. Ethiopa

9 ethiopa_jesus
10. Greece

10 greece_jesus
11. Bali, Indonesia

11 bali_jesus
12. Pakistan

12 pakistan_jesus
13. Philadelphia, USA

13 jesus_philadelphia
14. Mozambique

14 mozambique-jesus
15. Qaraqush, Iraq

An Iraqi Christian prays in front of a gypsum statue of Jesus Christ made by a local resident at the town of Qaraqush in Nineveh
16. Rome, Italy

16 rome_jesus
17. Mexico

17 mexico_jesus2
18. Sri Lanka

18 sri-lanka-jesus
19. Christ the Redeemer In Rio, Brazil

19 rio_brazil_jesus
20. Iowa, USA

20 jesus-in-iowa

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