5 Food Items You should Avoid for a Healthy Life !

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#Healthyornot. What you are about to read might wind up ruining your next meal, but there is something you need to know about the “healthy” foods that you’ve been eating: they’re probably doing more harm to your body than good. What are these so-called health foods, what makes them so bad for you. Read on to find out.

1. Any Food That’s Labeled “Low-Fat”

These labels are as deceptive as the insidiously misleading word “lite” that you see on some products. The problem with these products is that removing the fat also removes a lot of the flavor. Food companies make up for this by adding things that make the food taste better, but rob it of all its health benefits: sugar and salt.

2. Bottled Smoothies

These aren’t the smoothies that you make at home in your own blender. Unless you watch someone put the smoothie together for you, what you are drinking is a product that is full of sugar and other harmful additives. The health benefits that you get from a smoothie that gets chopped up in front of you are all lost in the mass production process. Big companies use fruit juice instead of whole fruits to make these drinks. The problem with that is that fruit juices lack the healthy benefits that come with whole fruits like fiber thought they keep all the sugar.

3. Tofu and Other Soy Products

Though eating tofu and soy is not a problem for everyone, there is a reason to be cautious. Though it can provide protein and help lower cholesterol, tofu and soy pose a risk of increased risk for breast cancer both in men and women. It also can harm the development of children in utero. The worst part about the negative health effects of soy is that it is marketed as a superfood. The truth is that it’s not so super after all.

4. Granola and Granola Energy Bars

Whole grains, fiber boosts, protein—what’s not to like about granola and granola energy bars? The big problem is that granola can be so tasty, and it’s presumed health benefits so great, that people tend to overeat when they snack on it. Add to the sugars that come with the other tasty additions to it—things like chocolate chunks and fruit bits—and you are getting a lot more calories than just the fiber benefits.

5. Enriched Water

When you buy a bottle of water that says it has been enriched with vitamins and nutrients, you might as well be drinking a glass of Kool-Aid with a vitamin dropped into it. These waters come packed with sugary additives. And the amount of vitamin that is dissolved in the water is most likely too low to make up for the regular amount you should already be getting through other means, like supplements and regular diet. Enriched water is good marketing, not good for you.