15 Sunny Leone’s Rare & Unseen Pictures | Childhood & Family Pics

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We are talking about none other than Bollywood’s Baby Doll, Sunny Leone! With every day increasing fan following like hers, let’s take a look at some of her rare, unseen pictures, right from her past, till her present. Sunny Leone has always stunned us with her looks and charm. We’ve all seen her in the bold avatar, but you surely wouldn’t have seen this one.

She recently posted a pic from her childhood on Instagram. In the pic she looks much cuter and innocent than how hot she is now. Yes, this is a compliment, uh oh, she is still too sweet. In the post, Sunny added, “Here I lighted the image. Haha I was a complete nerd growing up! Enjoy”. A humble remark despite being a star. The pic has been viral since she has posted it and here are we too sharing it.

Without a doubt she is one of the most successful actresses and the India’s most searched person on Google too. She has been very active on the social media and has been sharing her pics every now and then.  While we all have enjoyed her in all her bollywood films, many are queued up for the release. And rest is history, deleted.

She is one star who has paved her way from the porn industry to mainstream cinema with absolute ease. Since the fan following is taking a toll every single day we bring you some of her rare unseen pics.

1. Flashback:

sunny Leone 15 year old, sunny Leone teen, young sunny Leone, sunny leone childhood

Can you guess who this little cutie is? Well, this little doll is none other than our Bollywood’s Baby Doll. Yes, this is Sunny Leone‘s childhood picture. Dressed in white printed shirt and black pants, Sunny looks extremely adorable.

2. The beginning of a new phase!

sunny Leone 15 year old, sunny Leone teen, young sunny Leone

3. The old style! 15 year old Sunny Leone

sunny Leone 15 year old, sunny Leone teen, young sunny Leone

4. Desi Look:

sunny Leone indian, sunny Leone sulwar, sunny Leone suit

Dressed in yellow Indian outfit and red blush, Sunny looks every bit of gorgeous. The desi avatar certainly suits her perfectly. The pretty smile, though. At first, we couldn’t even recognize her.

5. Sunny leone without makeup:

sunny Leone without makeup

Is she perfect or is she perfect?: Now look at this rare unseen picture of Sunny Leone without any make-up! The actress just looks as perfect as ever with her no make-up face. The perfect glow, the smile, everything about this woman is just downright perfect.

6. Sunny Leone’s Nerdy Look:

sunny Leone glass

Sunny Leone in glass looks stunning! This is Sunny, flaunting real beautiful looks in her red dress. We absolutely love how her eyes shine in the picture!

7. Cuteness Overloaded:

sunny Leone puppy

Yes, surely the puppy in the picture is super cute but it’s Sunny, who is stealing all the thunder away with her overloaded cuteness. Her makeupless face, bright eyes, and mesmerizing smile steals hearts.

8. Sunny Leone's Passport:

sunny Leone passport

Don’t we all often just complain about how we look in our passport pictures or identity card? Well, now look at Sunny. How can she look so fabulous? This is Sunny Leone AKA Karenjit Kaur Vohra‘s passport.

9. Fun Time With Husband:

sunny Leone family, sunny Leone husband

This is one of the rarest pictures of Sunny with her husband Daniel Weber. The two pose with locals as they were out on vacation. Sunny, dressed in light neon t-shirt, looks flawless. Whereas her husband flaunts his perfect body and tattoos.


10.  Sunny leone with Children

sunny Leone kid, sunny Leone children

7 year old Chandresh captures Sunny Leone in his big camera.


11. Sunny Leone vacations with family

sunny Leone family

lovely picture of Sunny Leone with husband Daniel Weber, Daniel mother and father.

12. Sunny Leone's family Picture

sunny Leone family

13. Sunny Leone's morning walk.

sunny Leone pets, sunny Leone dogs

14. Just Dance

sunny Leone dance

Actor Sunny Leone shakes a leg with choreographer Shabina Khan

15. Ready To Fly.

sunny Leone without makeup

What do you think About This Beauty Queen ? We want to hear from you ! Share your comments below.

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