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7 Amazing Historical Places In India You Never Heard About!!

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The historical sites and beautiful monuments spread across India are a delight for any traveler. These historical places in India have a story of their own and a visit to them can prove to be a life changing experience. Some monuments like the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Golconda fort, and the Golden Temple are intensely researched but there are others places with precious little information. These locations can enthrall you if only you knew how to find them. At ReckonTalk we have mapped seven historical Places In India.

1) Kumbalgarh – Rajasthan

kumbhalgarh-fort-stay-rajasthan Historical Places In India

Kumbalgarh, the jewel of Mewar, is situated in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. History, royalty , power and culture are all packed in this place. It is a treat for human eyes and mind. The fort accommodates three hundred and sixty temples (yes it’s possible) three hundred jain and the rest hindu. And it does not end here, the place has one more major attraction, the Kumbalgarh wildlife sanctuary. You can take heritage walk, adventure activities, spend time in the lap of nature. The seven tall fortified gates of this masterpiece are open for you.


2. Rabdentse – Sikkim

Sikkim,ndia Historical Places In India

A former capital of Sikkim, Rabdentse is located in west Sikkim. It is a popular choice among backpackers as home stays are easily available at nominal rates. One of the oldest monasteries of the city Pemayangtse is situated close to the site and adds to the spirit of the environs. Rabdentse provides a vantage point to the visitors from which breathtaking view of kanchengdonga ranges can be witnessed. These ruins are a part of Buddhist religious pilgrimage. It will be a wise choice for travelers on a budget looking to soak in the taste of the Sikkimi culture and food.


3. Tughlaqabad – New Delhi

Tughlaqabad Fort - By Gaurav Saraswat Historical Places In India

The site has an uncanny resemblance to the ruins of Mohenjdaro-Harappa, but it exists in the heart of our capital, New Delhi. Any sightseer who comes face to face with this monument will only wonder why it is not one of the biggest attractions of the city. The height of the citadel is imposing and the view from top is truly unique. You will be astonished by the intelligence and engineering skills used to make  artificial lake and embankments around the area. The sheer size of this fortress and its earthy charm never fails to mesmerize visitors.


4. Maluti Temples – Jharkhand

temple Historical Places In India


These ancient temples trace their origins to the pre-historic times. Maluti is a small town near Shikaripara in the wilderness of Jharkhand and boasts of 72 old terracotta temples. These are considered one of the top ten ruins in the world. The walls of these exquisite temples narrate the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata in a unique style, which demonstrates the cultural diversity of India. Moreover, these historical places in India are also famous for the sacrifice of 100 goats during Kali Puja.


5. Vikaramsila University – Bihar

Vikramsila Historical Places In India

Not many people are aware that India had many excellent educational centers in the past including Vikramsila University, located 50 km east of Bhagalpur. It was one of the largest Buddhist learning centers, spread over hundred acres of land.  As you enter the campus you cannot help but be envious of the scholars who once studied here. The centre has an astonishing fifty two rooms spread on both sides of the corridor with an elaborate stupa at the center. What is even more marvelous is the enormous library that has been excavated and testifies to the rich history of India. A visit to this glorious & historical university is highly recommended just to get a sense of advancement that India had thousands of years ago.


6. Basgo-Leh, Ladakh

basgo-monastery Historical Places In India

Disclaimer: The picture has not been taken from the sets of Game of Thrones.

The Basgo fort stands proudly on the bank of a hill overlooking the serene Indus River in Ladakh. The town Basgo separates lower and upper Ladakh, once a very important cultural and political centre; it was the seat of the Namgayal family. There are three temples dedicated to different forms of Buddha including the goddess Maitryi. Sitting in the summit and writing a journal is an exhilarating experience. If you are in search of inner peace and introspection, this is the place to be.


7. Bhangarh – Rajasthan

Bhangarh Palace, Front Historical Places In India

The fort has been declared as the most haunted place of India. If you choose to visit the historical place rest assured that you will be told hundred different “authentic” stories about how it is possessed by ghosts. The ride to Ajabagarh is spectacular as tall trees accompany you on both sides of the road. And if you’re in luck the clouds and drizzle add to the thrill.

This monument remains a picnic spot for many families till 5p.m, but after that the place is shut for the living souls except for old priests who roam around with lanterns in his hand. The fort was built by Sawai Madho Singh, and it is believed that the town was cursed by a holy man, due to whom they cannot have permanent roofs. To date, all the houses have roofs made up of tin or materials which are not permanent. The town of Ajabgarh where this fort is situated has been the location of many popular bollywood movies like Karan-Arjun, hum saath saath hain.


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