A car saves a plane with a landing gear failure

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At very first instance of watching this video, it’s seems more filmsy than a real-life act of heroism. But it’s true, unbelivable and extraordinary!! An aeroplane with malfunctioning landing gear was saved from disaster by a pick-up truck. The aeroplane needed a help landing. There was great concern about safety of people on the board and on the airport. A truck come-up from no where, came under the plane and the plane landed right on it.

Jason Locey, the airport machanic saved the plane with his Nissan Frontier in an EXTRAORDINARY life saving action.

Those who still thinks that it’s a real thing read this:

Nissan more recently posted this online-only video spoofing the landing gear mishap as a real news story.

Nissan, and its legal beagles, have however, covered their butts on all three of these. If you look very closely- and quickly this videos have the small words “ Fictionalization. Do not attempt.” Not only would something like this be extremely dangerous, but insurance companies also will not cover such reckless driving.

The commercial is, to put it politely, a dramatization. But the words are only there for the opening 4-to-6 seconds before they disappear. Clearly the YouTube viewers debating the videos’ veracity have not spotted the disclaimer.

Why would an automaker want to show one of their products doing something it can’t really do? It insults consumers and in the end belittles the product.

Nissan could also run the risk of rival complaints for deceptive advertising to either the Federal Trade Commission or National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business.