The Most Expensive Thing On Earth | 1 gm of it will cost $ 65 Trillion +

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Here’s a collection of some really expensive items. We have never dream some of these were possible. From the World’s most valuable company Saudi Aramco (worth $30 Trillion) to World’s costliest object Anti Matter of Hydrogen, 1 gm of which will cost upwards of $ 65 trillion to produce. Even richest of rich can’t afford to buy them.

If you won the lottery tomorrow…how would you spend the money? Buying fancy cars? Going on ridiculous vacations? Having $1 million worth of diamonds attached to your cellphone? As you read through this list keep in mind that every day an estimated 16,000 kids die of hunger. That amounts to 1 child every 5 seconds, and as ridiculous as some of the items on this list of the 25 most expensive things in the world are, it’s hard not to feel a profound sadness on behalf of humanity by the time you get to the end.

What kind of price would you pay for things you value most your family? your property? or even your life? Humans value things we deem desirable or necessary so with this said what is the most valuable thing on earth?

Saudi Aramco

On Earth right now there is an estimated 5 trillion dollars worth of actual in circulation. This is known as m0 in economics but even with all the actual physical money in the world. We have things that are valued more than all of the physical cash combined. The most valuable company on earth for instance is Saudi Aramco worth upwards of an estimated seven trillion dollars alone and 30 trillion, when total assets are factored in the country. Country valued to be worth the most is United States being worth up-to 20 trillion dollars, when you include all of its assets as well.

Saudi Aramco, officially the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, is a Saudi Arabian national petroleum and natural gas company based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It is one of the largest companies in the world by revenue, and according to accounts seen by Bloomberg News, the most profitable company in the world.

Anti-matter particles

As of now the most valuable objects on earth are antimatter particles. It is so expensive due to the need to invest massive amounts of money to obtain them. In 1999 NASA predicted that a single gram Anti Hydrogen would cost upwards of 65 trillion dollars, to produce for a size comparison a paperclip weighs roughly the same as a gram with the same amount of money. And current non taxed gas prices you could buy roughly 55 trillion gallons of oil or about 207 trillion liters that’s almost enough oil to fill 83 million Olympic sized swimming pools or to the 25th largest lake by volume in the world. All for the same price of single gram of anti hydrogen.

Antimatter is made of atoms that consists of anti protons antineutrons and positrons they’re given these names because if they come in contact with what can be considered their opposite they will annihilate each other. Because there was more matter than antimatter at the beginning of the universe we got left with regular matter and almost no antimatter particles which is what makes them so rare. Anti matter is extremely useful because it has the highest energy density of any material in the universe, and can achieve 100% mass to energy conversion, even nuclear fusion has a mass to energy conversion ratio of under 1% . This means that anti-matter would be the ultimate fuel source.


Currently the most valuable thing on earth is the biosphere which is the habitable environment and atmosphere on earth. The biosphere has been estimated to be worth upwards of 300 quadrillion u.s dollars. This is simply due to how much it costs to create a sustainable environment for humans.

Let alone all of the humans and other organisms that are necessary for our survival on earth this estimated value is based off of a failed project known as biosphere-2.

The project was focused on making a controlled environment and atmosphere completely cut off from the one we are currently in. Initially as a way to test building facilities on planets to survive on them, the occupants were to grow their own food and had five wilderness areas to produce oxygen for them. The projects cost roughly 200 million dollars in 1994.

A facility that was supposed to be able to sustain at most eight people along with an array of different insects and plants for two years this 200 million dollars in 1990. When fixed for inflation is about 360 million dollars as of today, given that time. The facility was meant to sustain at most eight people and earth is sustaining 7.2 billion. When calculated out we can come to rough conclusion that the biosphere of the earth is worth at least 300 quadrillion dollars and we get it for free but as said the project was a failure due to internal conflict with the management.

There were red flags with high levels of CO2 most of the insects that pollinated died off and they were having difficulty enough food so there’s potential for the value to exceed 300 quadrillion. But as we increase our technological capabilities its likely that antimatter and even the price of making a new biosphere could one day be much cheaper and fluctuate their price value.

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