Let the bird fly ! Beautiful Poem On Ambitions of High School Young Girl

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Here a beautiful poem on emotion of a ambitious young girl trying to touch sky and fly high. This poem was written in high school at the terrace garden.

Let the bird fly !

Let the bird fly.

Let her touch the sky.

Let her get through the cloud.

Let her meet the new world.

Let her go for a long journey.

Let her taste some bitterness some honey.

Let her free to experience.

Let her change the old appearance.

Let her establish a new own city.

Let her make a new identity.

Let her go beyond the limits.

Let her encounter flops and hits.

Let her enjoy own space.

Let her tour new place.

Let her fill the vacancy.

Let her roam this galaxy.

Let her bring some new stories for us.

Let her tell the makeover of Universe.

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