Health Benefits of Vodka – 15 Proven & Surprising Facts

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Vodka is one of the most popular alcohols around, especially in Eastern Europe and Russia. Even in the Western world, a startling number of drinks are made from vodka. The mild flavor of vodka makes it perfect for mixing with all sorts of ingredients.

We know vodka isn’t exactly great for our livers, waistlines, dance skills or public behaviors, but what you might not know is vodka offers many beneficial beauty uses.

Health Benefits of Vodka – 15 Proven & Surprising Facts

1# Fight Stress:

We all know that a nice drink can help to take the edge off after a long week, but did you know that vodka actually helps to fight stress? Vodka works to decrease stress more efficiently than red wine, beer, and any other alcohol, helping you to relax when your nerves are all frazzled.

2# Good for Hair:

It’s a fact that vodka can fight away your hair woes. To your regular hair conditioner shampoo, add a little of vodka and rinse. After washing your hair, you can feel your hair bouncy, shinier and silky. This is because vodka combats the effects of the hard water and prevents the accumulation of minerals settling down on your hair scalp causing dandruff. It is an excellent way to nourish and protect your fizzy hair.


3# Relieve from Digestive Problems:

If small amounts of vodka are added to the food, apart from adding flavor to the food, also helps in the process of proper digestion and relieves severe digestion problems.

4#  Fresh Breath From That Hangover:

It may be a little hard to believe, but vodka can combat stinky morning breath.
Strange, considering after a big night out, you hardly wake up with good breath. But, apparently, it works just like store-bought mouthwash you sip, swish and spit.


5# Acts as Stain Remover:

Tough stains such as ink, lipstick, and grease can be removed easily from your clothes. Soak the stains with some vodka and rub it gently. This will surely eliminate the stains with ease. Later you can wash your clothes and observe the fresh look. It is really a good advantage.


6# Relieve Toothache:

Got an aching tooth ? Try the Russian remedy of slamming back a shot of vodka. Not only is vodka a powerful antiseptic (to help clean the bacteria and germs from infected gums), but it can help to reduce the pain in your mouth caused by the cavity or infected gums. Mix it with a bit of cinnamon and you have a highly effective mouthwash that can help you to deal with bad breath and halitosis.  


7# Mouthwash:

If you have tasted Vodka, you will discover that it has a neutral taste when compared with other alcoholic beverages. Vodka can be used a a disinfectant for eliminating mouth odors.


8# Cures High Fever:

Applying vodka on patient’s legs, chest and forehead reduces the body temperature by absorbing heat in case of high fever condition. This is a practically and scientifically proven advantage of vodka.


9# Improve Heart Health:

Did you know that a bit of vodka is actually quite good for your heart? Vodka has the ability to dilate your blood vessels, which will increase the amount of blood flowing through your veins and decrease your risk of heart problems. It can help to prevent cardiac events like heart attacks and strokes, and can even boost your body’s production of the good HDL cholesterol that keeps the bad cholesterol in control.


10# Reduce Foot Odor:

Try this vodka remedy and feel comfortable. Soak your feet in a broad vessel containing water and a few drops of vodka. This will surely help you reduce foot odor and kill the microbes that cause odor. Make sure to dry your feet after the completion of this treatment to remove the smell of vodka.


11# Sterilize Wounds:

If you are hiking, bring a bottle of vodka with you instead of hydrogen peroxide. You can use the vodka to both dull the pain of any injuries AND prevent the wounds from being infected. Vodka is a powerful antiseptic that will do wonders to stop bacteria from setting into wounds.


12# Aftershave:

After you have your hair cut at the salon, you will notice that the barber sprays some liquid stuff on your head, around your cheek and underneath your jaw. You feel a bit itchy immediately; that feeling is because of the presence of alcohol in the liquid stuff.


13# Prevents Ear Aches:

Vodka kills the bacteria present in your ear. Put a few drops of vodka in your ear by tilting your head and stay for a few minutes. After that drain out the liquid. You can relieve the ear pain instantly.


14# Used to Eliminate Dandruff:

Typically in Nigeria, Dandruff is called “ Lakpa Lakpa”, you know the whitish stuff that appears on one’s head after he gets a hair cut? Having dandruff one one’s head is awful, it gives people a reason to think you can’t take good care of yourself.


15# It Helps with Blood Pressure Control:

Vodka when consumed in moderation can help in controlling the problem of high blood pressure. Its moderate intake can lower the chances of developing hypertension. It also improves blood circulation along with reducing high blood pressure.


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