How to Choose Handmade Engagement Rings?

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Wedding. Solemn and touching, joyful and memorable – this event will be the beginning of life shared by two loving people. The preparatory stage of the celebration includes the selection and purchase of wedding rings. The wedding rings symbolize the birth of a new family, and become not only a link between two loving hearts, but also unite the souls of sweethearts.

Handmade wedding rings – it’s stylish.

Engagement rings in gold, platinum or silver are a good choice for those who love stylish and original jewellery. Rings made of the noble metals silver will symbolise love and fidelity for the newlyweds. Silver wedding bands, for example, are a great alternative to classic yellow and rose gold jewellery. It’s a stern style and bright image!

The stylish glitter and beauty of gemstones charm with their original beauty and captivate with restraint and sophistication. Engagement rings of gold, silver, platinum and precious stones which combine restraint and luxury are suitable for any situation.

In the production of exclusive rings masters use the following technologies:

  • original hand-casting;
  • product coating with radium;
  • silverware blackening;
  • hand art engraving;
  • inlay with precious stones;
  • manual deposition of jewellery enamels.

The relaxed, understated fine style is preferred by men and women of varying wealth. A platinum wedding band advantageously combines with a bracelet or a chain made of the same metal or silver. Exceptional beauty is created by silver jewellery in combination with freestyle clothes, denim clothes, with things of rough fabrics.

The author’s silver wedding rings are distinguished by: 

  • the mystical sparkle of the noble metal;
  • the exquisite beauty of diamonds and diamonds;
  • beautiful design ideas;
  • fabulous mood;
  • fashionable accessories;
  • variety of complex shapes;
  • The complexity of the author’s work.

Another reason to choose handmade wedding rings will appeal to newlyweds who love symbolism and appreciate original and extraordinary jewellery.

Most people choose handmade gold and silver rings for several reasons at once. Silver is considered one of the purest precious metals that do not oxidize when worn continuously, and scientists have proven that silver can purify water. The choice of silver engagement rings plays a key role because they can be the embodiment of light, harmonious and authentic feelings of lovers. Gold, on the other hand, is gold. No need to speak about its features, charming appearance and value: gold jewellery speaks for itself.

The price of engagement rings depends on the weight, manufacturing complexity, and inlaid with different stones.

An exclusive handmade item is created in a single copy and only for you. Best masters, the best precious stones, jewellery enamel, and handwork – will use all of this for making a true masterpiece of jewellery art.

The price depends on the following factors:

  • the complexity of the design;
  • type of gemstones;
  • the technique of jewellery enamel;
  • gilding the product;
  • use of expensive diamonds;
  • weight of the jewellery.

Buying handmade engagement rings means making the right choice in favour of the original and unique accessory. Store versions of jewellery rarely have a special design, but handmade products – it’s exclusive.

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