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The most horrific crimes that can be committed against a person is RAPE.

Those who commit this crime should be punished in way such that it should act an example for others also. YTV Network, in its video asked Delhites about the ideal punishement for rapists and this is worth looking at.

But is there any ideal punishment???

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Delhi, with its dubious distinction as the ‘rape capital’ has witnessed another tragedy of sexual violence on a 23 year old woman (see Global Voices report), that has led to wide spread protests in and around the capital and the country. Shocked at the brutality of the recent violence, people from many spheres are asking for stricter laws and harsher punishments and there has been vigorous debates going on about capital punishment for rapists, started out by a member of Parliament, Sushma Swaraj.

The issue of the current debate on rape and capital punishments is a complex one. The National Bureau of Crime in India reports staggering numbers of gender violence. This same year a two year old girl Baby Falak died due to injuries from abuse in Delhi. In India gender violence manifests in many forms from female feticide, ragging, eve teasing, dowry, rape (some of it is considered a norm in the society). India’s north eastern state Manipur has witnessed rape by its own army men and Manipuri women protesting with the banner, “Indian Army: Rape Us.” Among its parliament members, 369 faces charges for crime against women.

There are so many types of punishments which people recommend for them. Deatth sentense, castration, , hit with stones till they die. But before we recommend any punishment we must think that we are democratic countary and whatsoever we do that must be within law frame work. We can't behave brutel like them. Its the duty of Govt: to decide severe punishment for such culprits. What I say it must not be less than death sentence and Parliament should bring immediate ammendment to law relating to rape and dishonoring the diginity of women and girls.

Its a matter of great regret that girls and women can't go out of home without fear. Who would provide them safety is the duty of Govt to thinkover. Same time it is also the bonafied duty of we men to take such matters seriously and whenever and whereever we find such nuesence in rthe society that women are being harrased by some one we all should take necessary steps for the saftty of the women, Those who won't respect to the women must be taken to task. At present change in law is of utmost necessity and the same time we men must take it seriously to protect girls , women from such rascals. These matters should immediately be reported to police. Where police won't extend their help matters should be brought to the notice of Govt. We must not think that it is only the duty of Govt: to extend protection to the women but we men should also take it as our responsibility too. Thanks.


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