Indian Brides – 15 Ways How They Rock Their Weddings!

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Indian brides are the best part of the Big fat Indian weddings. They are the main attraction in a wedding (Except, after the food of course!). They are beautiful, endearing and sometimes emotional, but never a bridezilla. After all, it’s the coy Indian bride.

Here’s some of her many colors:

1. The Innocent one



innocent indian bride

She takes the “sharam hi ladki ka gehna hai” (innocence is a girl’s biggest ornament) phrase quite literally.

2. The Self-Obsessed One



self-Obsessed indian bride

She is more concerned about getting her makeup and outfit right than the wedding proceedings.

3. The Filmy One



filmy indian bride

She thinks her life is a Karan Johar movie and expects everyone to break into a song-dance routine at the drop of a hat.

4. The Sentimental One



sentimental indian bride

She’s the one who’s missing her parents already and cries 17682 times during her three-day wedding.

5. The Fun One



fun loving indian bride

For her wedding is just another excuse to dance and party with her gals. Doesn’t care about “log kya kahenge?” (What would people say?).

6. The Materialistic One



materialistic indian bride

The main reason she agreed to get married was the jewellery and gifts involved. Gets disappointed by cheap relatives.

7. The Romantic One



romantic indian bride

The whole extended family knows her magical love story, probably thinks of herself as a ‘simran’ or a ‘geet’. Gets excited when sees “sarson ke khet”(mustard fields).

8. The Sincere One



sincere indian bride

She self appoints herself as the “khaandan ki izzat” (Family’s Honour). Makes sure her in-laws love her. Takes all the wedding traditions way too seriously.

9. The Excited Bride



excited indian bride

She has dreamt all her life to get married. Gets excited about the “shaadi ke baad kya hoga?” (What will happen after marriage) thing.

10. The Chooda-Obsessed Bride



chooda indian bride

She’s the ultimate North-Indian bride. Been excited about wearing chooda and kalerein since 10th grade.

11. The Silent Bride



silent indian bride

Her parents have reluctantly agreed to love marriage. But have strict instructions for her: “Chup chaap shaadi karke apne ghar jaa”. (Get married and don’t go blabbering)

12. The Poised Bride



poised indian bride

Her makeup, clothes, body language, conduct with guests, expressions everything is perfect. She can put the Queen to shame with her etiquette.

13. The Drunk Bride



drunk indian bride

Gets wasted the night before her wedding and dances to her heart’s content. The best part is that no one cares, coz they all are drunk too!

14. The Irritated Bride



irritated indian bride

She’s fed up of answering questions like “Ladka kitna kamaata hai?” (How much money the boy makes?) and “Honeymoon pe kahan jaa rahe ho?” (Where are you going for your honeymoon?). Gets so irritated that considers eloping.

15. The Pati-Parmeshwar Bride



pati parmeshwar indian bride

She has decided to devote her life to her husband. She believes in “Pati ke charnon mein hi swarg hai”.

Saubhagyawati Bhava! :)

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