Obama Forgets To Salute Marine, See What Happens After That!

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The president may have forgotten something as he boarded Marine One.

On his way to the U.S. Naval Academy graduation ceremony on Annapolis, Md., President Obama didn’t return the salute of the marine standing guard at the door of Marine One, as he climbed the steps to the helicopter cabin.

Obama soon ducked his head out, waved to the pilot, and jaunted back down the stairs to address the marine, shaking his hand. In the short video clip, one can’t hear the two men talking, so it’s unclear what exactly was said. A faint smile appeared to cross the marine’s face as the they exchanged brief words.

Obama jogged back up the steps, still not having saluted.

While this exchange may seem to be a military faux pas–Obama typically salutes as he boards Marine One–presidential salutes aren’t a fully closed matter.

President Obama forgot to salute when he boarded Marine One. He later realized his mistake and went back to the Marine.


[youtube height=”500″ width=”800″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np7lObaDiBk[/youtube]

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