Predicting Furniture Upholstery Trends for 2022

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Fabric-covered sofas, chairs, and ottomans tend to be the main attraction in any room. Still, most people don’t reupholster their furniture until the fabric shows visible signs of wear. With that in mind, predicting furniture upholstery trends becomes a matter of staying on top of interior design fads and knowing what will always look good. But if that doesn’t come too easily to you, we’re more than happy to lend a hand!

Recent interior design trends have focused on bringing natural and organic shapes, colors, and materials into the home. Slender, graceful lines are in — something we’ve known ever since people started showing renewed interest in luxurious Art Deco pieces.

Then again, the exact style of upholstered furniture you’ll want to incorporate into your home will largely depend on the existing interior decor. Because of that, we wanted to present our upholstery trend predictions by going through the different room styles you might already have in your home.

Furniture Upholstery Trends That Will Dominate Different Interior Decor Aesthetics

Going forward, we’re going to share some upholstery trends in three big styles most people use to decorate their homes. Later on, we’ll talk about updating vintage furniture with modern prints and bringing natural fabrics into more country-inspired homes. But first, let’s start with one of the biggest trends in interior design — minimalism.

Sleek and Minimal Design

Even though people have started embracing a cluttered look as of late, minimalism is here to stay. Over the years, the style has been reinvented time and again to incorporate more industrial elements, prioritize straight or rounded edges, play with neutral or bright color palettes. Needless to say, no matter which style of minimalism you follow, an upholstered piece of furniture is sure to bring it to new heights.

If you’re going for a Nordic-style home, with white walls and lots of stone and wood textures, your upholstery could be similarly neutral. Of course, that’s not to say that you can only go for solid color materials. In the past, people would have used leather. But since current trends are all about comfort, woven fabrics would be more appropriate.

For example, ticking stripe fabrics look great on sofas, decorative pillows, and even bedspreads. Besides, that kind of understated pattern would complement your minimalist furnishings quite well.

Even if you go for an interior decor style like Japandi, a blend of Scandinavian furnishing and Japanese emphasis on free space, some low fabric-covered seating would fit right in. But in that case, you might prefer to go for more vibrant colors to pair with more rustic wood furnishings.

Vintage and Eclectic Loft Aesthetic

As we have previously mentioned, many people have decided to leave minimalism behind in favor of a more maximalist home. And what’s more maximalist than the mixing of different aesthetics with a heavy emphasis on vintage furniture? After all, the use of vintage or antique pieces also fits in with the trend of sustainability in interior design.

Of course, oftentimes, the original upholstery fabrics on those kinds of pieces are often unusable. Still, the silver lining is that you get to choose another kind of fabric to breathe new life into those pre-loved or inherited pieces.

If your home is filled with loft-style furnishings, you could bring in a pop of color with jewel-toned upholstery. You could even take it in a completely new direction by using sherpa fleece for a more opulent sensory experience.

Speaking of materials that are pleasant to touch, having an eclectic or vintage-inspired home would allow you to bring back a crowd favorite — velvet! On the other hand, you could go all-in on the trend of having bamboo or rattan armchairs. In that case, you can let the wood speak for itself by bringing in basic, solid-colored sitting pillows.

Before you start lamenting the return of woven wood furniture, remember that comfortable upholstery is still en vogue. We’re even seeing upholstery replacing some decorative elements that have thus far been pretty solid.

For example, many people have been replacing their wooden headboards with fabric-covered ones. But if traditional diamond tufting is keeping you from trying it, go for biscuit or blind tufting instead. Or, if neither of those is to your taste, try getting a headboard with channel tufting instead! Any of those styles could suit your home as long as you choose the right color and pattern.

Eco-Style and Country Decor

Eco-style is one of the biggest trends we’ve been seeing in home decor. The aesthetic generally supports recycling and reusing old materials and items. In the case of upholstery, an extension of that philosophy might include using deadstock materials to reupholster your furniture.

Additionally, you could mix and match different fabrics if you don’t have enough material to fully cover all of the furniture you wanted to reupholster. In general, the aesthetic of eco-style advocates a return to nature in all regards. But as we know, there are already several styles of interior design that have that comfortable, earthy energy.

For example, country-style homes emphasize the use of soft, natural materials. In terms of upholstery, that means creating a warm atmosphere with familiar or nostalgic patterns like gingham or Tokyo 2D-cafe style. Alternatively, you could use ethnic motifs that are specific to the culture you come from.

Playing With Textures, Colors, and Patterns

The leading trends in furniture upholstery seem to be following the move toward bringing more natural elements into our homes. On the one hand, light colors and minimal patterns will always be able to elevate a space along with tinge of rope craft. Yet an increasing number of people are choosing to think outside the box. Going forward, we will be seeing more:

  • Ethnic patterns, ticking stripe fabrics, and HD-printed florals
  • Jewel colors, like bottle green, deep blue, and wine red
  • Materials that feel good to touch, such as cotton canvas, linen, velvet, and fleece

Thankfully, all these trends will be perfectly suitable for our increasingly eclectic sensibilities. So even if you have a minimalist aesthetic, you’ll still be able to sneak some comfy and visually interesting upholstered pieces into your home.

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