These 20 Symbolic Images Will Tell You The Reality In The World

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The world is a bizarre place where harsh realities run abound. As much as we try to ignore them, here are some images by artists who would like to appeal to our subconscious mind.


It can be hard to accept yourself, your life, and you the reality that you live. Maybe you don't like your future prospects, or dislike an aspect of your personality, or some days you don't like something about how you look. It is common for people to be critical of themselves, but there are a number of ways to learn to accept yourself and your life.

1. The evolution of the modern man.

Symbolic 1

Man evolves into pigs

2. Standing up against dictatorships and authoritative powers.

Symbolic 2

After all, aren't they people like us too?
dictatorship cartoon

3. What really goes into making our world go round?

Symbolic 3

Wood in gas tank
Pawel Kuczynski

4. What politicians say are not what they do.

Symbolic 4

It's just a waste of their own breath.
Politician fake promises
Pawel Kuczynski

5. Down with one tyrant, up with the next one.

Symbolic 5

Pawel Kuczynski

6. We ape what we are taught. Right or wrong.

Symbolic 6

Child builds sand nuclear reactor
Pawel Kuczynski

7. Empty vessels make the most noise.

Symbolic 7

Brainless noisemaker

8. What you can achieve by dedicating 1% of your time every day of the year.

Symbolic 8


9. The reality in nations like North Korea, where starvation is an everyday problem.

Symbolic 9

North Korea rice paddy rockets
Pawel Kuczynski

10. In a man's world, this is what some women have to go through to reach the top.

Symbolic 10

Women forced to have sex
Pawel Kuczynski

11. What happens to the handicapped?

Symbolic 11

How the handicapped are treated
Pawel Kuczynski

12. How people are herded to vote for one particular party.

Symbolic 12

Pawel Kuczynski

13. Governments trying to cover up the bad elements of society.

Symbolic 13

Paint on smoke
Pawel Kuczynski

14. Can't find a pleasant way around it? Create one.

Symbolic 14

Giant paint brush
Pawel Kuczynski

15. A fine line between freedom and slavery.

Symbolic 15

Barbed wire and birds
Pawel Kuczynski

16. There's always something behind the mask.

Symbolic 16

Mickey mouse

17. We are so quick to judge a creative soul.

Symbolic 17

Creativity critic
Pawel Kuczynski

18. Even optimists tend to be judgmental.

Symbolic 18

mr fish

19. What Facebook has been preventing us from doing all this while.

Symbolic 19

Going out into the world and seeing it for ourselves.
facebook -Pawel Kuczynski

20. Birds are losing their homes and their lives, all because of that small device in our pockets.

Symbolic 20

Pawel Kuczynski



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