Shit Middle Class Families Say!!

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THEY CAME, THEY SAW, THEY BARGAINED!!! You can take an Indian out of the middle class but can you take the middle class out of an Indian? In today's day and age of economic slowdown the middle class has no other option but to crib and complain about inflation, enormous taxes, rising prices and unemployment. One of the funniest DESI videos yet, Shit Middle Class Families Say is what we cover in this video! There is one common thing that all middle class families think about – ways to save their hard earned money – whether it is choosing between tap and mineral water or watching the petrol prices, the middle class is constantly under pressure to work more, earn more just to make ends meet. We show you how the bread winner of the family convinces his family members of ways to save money in any and every situation possible, even if its impossible to save money in that situation!!

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From bargaining to compromising, the famous Indian middle class does not leave any stone unturned to save the hard earned money. If you have gone through any of these situations then you MUST share this video with all your friends.

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