The Definitive Guide to Video Marketing for Business in 2022

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Video marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing industries. This is directly related to the growing interest in the format: it is easier to digest than text or photographs. This article will indicate its importance for businesses and list fundamental video content formats.

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The Importance of Video Marketing in 2022

Video marketing has become so popular due to the fact that it has become very difficult to promote a website through SEO. After all, it is necessary to create texts that have not yet been on the web in order to please the search robot. Therefore, in order to get around such difficult and long work to promote the site, it is easier to promote your video and reach the TOP of the same Google through video content.

Here is some statistic:

  • According to a HubSpot study, 54% of users prefer animated content;
  • 84% of consumers are convinced of the need to purchase after an animated presentation;
  • It is 6 times more likely to retweet than images.

The presence of videos on the pages of the site contributes to its effective promotion in search results. It generates additional interest from the user, and search robots consider it to be high-quality. This helps not only attract new audiences but also increase the site’s rankings. Realizing the importance of video, many businesses outsource this task. This is nothing new and unusual because this is done with text content using trusted services such as writemyessays.

Anyway, many people find it too expensive to use such a way of marketing. In their opinion, creating videos and promoting them does not pay off. As long as your competitors think so, you have a great opportunity to stand out from your competitors and take a leading position in the market. Using it will make you more advanced and successful in the eyes of your customers, and will help you gain their trust.

How to implement video marketing?

Here is a simplified diagram for understanding the very logic of promotion. The length of each stage depends on the plan, budget, and whether you do it yourself or outsource it.

Stage 1. Determine the goal

  1. promote a YouTube channel;
  2. increase social media coverage;
  3. increase brand awareness;
  4. test a new ad run;
  5. increase the conversion of the landing page, and so on.

When setting a goal, use numerical metrics: number of impressions, conversion rate, traffic volume, percentage of visits to the site after viewing. In the last step, this will help you evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.

Stage 2. Analyze the audience

  1. create a portrait of the target audience – who will be interested in your product, what these people like, where they look for information, what triggers they react to;
  2. if necessary, segment the target audience and compose a portrait for each segment;
  3. select the best types of video content and platforms for the promotion.

Stage 3. Select performers, shoot, and place the video

If your goal is to shoot a test video and see if it works, you can do it yourself. You will need:

  1. write a script – in the language of the audience, with a mention of the brand and a call to action, but without direct advertising;
  2. take care of high-quality equipment that will give a good picture;
  3. choose the place and time of the shooting;
  4. record a video;
  5. edit and edit the material, if necessary – add graphics or animation;
  6. place the video on the selected site.
  7. If you are not sure that you will be able to cope with all the points or are planning to shoot a series of videos, it is advisable to hire specialists: screenwriters, operators, models. Another option is to look for video marketing agencies that will do it all themselves.

Step 4. Evaluate the results

  1. analyze the selected metrics – what they wanted and what they got;
  2. compare CPL with video and CPL without video;
  3. evaluate the payback and profitability of video marketing in a specific case.

What are video marketing tools?

The videos themselves and the platforms on which the videos are placed and promoted. Let’s take a look at the key marketing tools you should know about.

Corporate website

Appropriate use of video makes the site more user-friendly. Here are some good options for applying video content:

  • image video – instead of long text on the main page;
  • video review – instead of product screenshots;
  • video feedback – in addition to the product description.


Most marketers use YouTube, the largest and most popular video content platform for video marketing. Most marketers aren’t very well versed with most successful digital strategy on YouTube. YouTube videos can be promoted using tags. If you type in the tags correctly, search robots will offer a video in the “Related Videos” category. Go to the program, select the YouTube tab, set the region and language of promotion, enter the main keyword and click the search button.


The main audience of the social network is men and women from 25 to 44 years old, that is, the most solvent buyers. If you can upload a video to YouTube and collect views using tags, then such a number will not work on Facebook. There are two options.

Make live broadcasts on your business page. Facebook’s algorithms are designed in such a way that posts with “live” more often fall into the news feed of subscribers. In addition, live streams remain in your account forever, which means that the same videos can be used multiple times. There is nothing wrong with periodically “reviving” old popular recordings or reminding them about the product with the help of already filmed broadcasts.


The main audience of the site is women from 18 to 44 years old, that is, potential buyers of clothing and footwear, accessories, cosmetics, online women’s courses, and so on. Are these your niches? Then it makes sense to create an Instagram business account and fill it with video content. After all, 72% of users buy a product after watching video ads.

Content formats


It introduces a potential client to a new product or service. It is undesirable to have direct advertising calls, you just need to demonstrate the product and its properties. The mention of the brand is, of course, necessary.


The video is used solely to promote the brand and increase the loyalty of potential customers to the organization. To increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, image clips should be used in conjunction with other materials.


The promotional clip, in which, when demonstrating a product or service, an emphasis is placed on their best qualities. It should motivate the user to make a purchase or place an order. The length of the clip should be minimal.


It is a demonstration of the principle of operation of a product or its device. The clip should tell about what the product is in reality, how to use it correctly, what to look for when buying. It is best if the training clip contains answers to possible questions from users. If the viewer receives useful information for himself, then such videos gain a large number of views and are always watched to the end. This directly affects brand awareness and target audience loyalty, while helping to promote your site in search results.

Video review

Such material impartially tells about the pros and cons of similar products from different manufacturers. A competent comparative analysis will testify to the competence of the author. It is better to invite the viewer to make the appropriate conclusions on his own. In this case, the user will not have doubts about the authenticity of the information, which will help him make a purchase decision.


A strong customer emotional connect is the key. Reviews about the product containing a story with simultaneous unpacking of the product. Not everyone and not always believes in text reviews. At the same time, it is more interesting for the user to watch several ones, rather than read a dozen texts that it is not clear who wrote. Advanced marketers have taken this into account and offer buyers to post their clips of this format on the pages of online stores, stimulating them with the provision of discounts and bonuses.

Online broadcasts and reports

An event is filmed in real-time and records all the events in chronological order. It is not advertising in the literal sense of the word. Its job is to show that you are working transparently and honestly. Buyers are always interested in seeing how a company works or how a product is manufactured. The stories are designed to satisfy the curiosity of viewers, while at the same time increasing the credibility of the business through a sense of user involvement in the process. During the broadcast, you can like, leave comments or ask a question.

Types of animated content

The use of various techniques for creating clips allows you to divide them into several types.

Animated clips— a short story in which the background, characters, and other details are invented and drawn. It can be used both on television and on the web, as well as during presentations. A distinctive feature of animated videos is the almost complete absence of scenario restrictions, which allows looking for non-standard plot solutions and moves. You can draw anything.

Game content assumes a pre-conceived plot, directed on the set and played by its participants – professional actors or amateurs.

The documentary – is a factual presentation and footage of real participants and events. Documentary films are one of the most popular ways to convey reliable information to the audience. If earlier they were shown mainly on TV and at special festivals, in recent years the genre has been actively cultivated on the network.

VR (Virtual Reality) – Immersive panoramic video. It is used to convey volumetric sensations, to demonstrate large objects and territories. You can watch videos only with special glasses, and such technologies are expensive. Typically, VR is used to promote premium goods and services.

AR (Augmented Reality) – The technology is similar to VR but does not recreate the entire environment, but individual elements with which you can interact. AR videos are cheaper than VR videos, but only large companies that can hire top tech talent are good at filming them. Well-known brands make mobile applications in which the customer can test their product.

Rollers with vertical orientation

Most users hold their smartphones vertically, many of them will fundamentally not watch the horizontal video. It would seem a trifle, but because of it, you can lose potential buyers.

Integration into email marketing

The person understands that he does not have to read the text – you can watch the video and decide whether the sentence is interesting or not.

Placing videos on sites

If you post videos on your resources – on a blog, on a landing page, then the time spent visiting your sites increases, which has a positive effect on the promotion of your sites. This is another plus for the video. The video adds reality to your products. It seems as if people were holding the product in their hands after watching the video. Customers become more confident when buying a product because they know what they are getting.

The bottom line

Internet users pay less attention to the text and prefer short clips. Very soon, video marketing will become the main promotion tool. The introduction of this tool into the activities of an organization is becoming more and more relevant for representatives of the business sector. When you are open and transparent, you build trust with your audience. Video gives you the opportunity to show your true colors, reach out to your audience, and communicate your offer. You don’t have to spend large sums to promote your video, the costs are minimal. You just need to create a video according to user requests, optimize it by writing a title with a keyword, add a video description and keywords.

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