The Old Man and the Sky – This will surely touch your heart

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The Best Indian Ad ever made in the History by an Airline

This Air Deccan Ad will surely touch your heart, and no surprise even if your eyes become wet. Small things are the most beautiful things in life – this is once again proved in this Ad. We consider this to be the one of the Best Ad ever seen in Indian Ad Films. What do you say ?

[youtube height=”500″ width=”800″][/youtube]

Credits & Description:

Airline: "OLD MAN & THE SKY" TV Commercial by Orchard Advertsing

  • Creative Director: THOMAS XAVIER
  • Copywriter: THOMAS XAVIER
  • Art Director: Sagar Prajapati
  • Agency Producer: Ritika Dhawan
  • Account Supervisor: Harish Krishnamurthy
  • Advertiser's Supervisor: Raman Kalia
  • Director: Manoj Pillai
  • Producer: Sajith
  • Lighting Cameraman: P.S. Vinod
  • Editor: Hufaiza

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