These Incredibly Realistic Wooden Sculptures By Peter Demetz Will Change Your Perception For Art

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Italian artist Peter Demetz carves realistic human figures out of wood scaled down to less than two-feet, although some of his bigger sculptures stand up to 50 inches tall. Demetz sculpts them with stunning meticulousness, reproducing tiny folds in clothing, facial wrinkles and loose strands of hair. His sculptures are often caught from behind, as if capturing a candid moment from their lives. “No eye contact is ever established with the observer, as if these figures were trapped in their own world, where they seem to be aware of being observed”, writes Woodworking Network.

“The subjects are caught in very singular poses, the men, often bald, strong an big as for the artist these features depict masculinity. The women are accurately represented to the finest detail, accessories, hair and clothing which show a strong femininity.”



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 2



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 20



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 21



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 22



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 23



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 24



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 1



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 3



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 4



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 5


More About Peter Demetz

Peter Demetz was born in Bolzano-Italy and lives and works in Ortisei (BZ);

1983-84 – Art school in Ortisei;
1984-90 – Apprenticeship at Heinrich Demetz’s workshop;
1993 – Achievement of the diploma "Maestro scultore";
1993-09 – Participation at collective exhibitions in Ortisei (UNIKA), Milan, Vail/Colorado, Leipzig, Lichtenstein/Germany, Gent, Vienna, Florence, Lecce, Bolzano, Istanbul, Palma de Mallorca and Roma. Orders in Italy, Austria, Germany, USA and Iceland:
1995-02 – Teacher at the vocational school in Ortisei and Selva Gardena. Subjects: drawing, history of art and sculpture.
1997-00 – Chairman of the association "Artigianato Artistico Gardenese“ and of the UNIKA group;
1999-02 – Courses in pedagogy, didactics, educational and developmental psychology;
since 2001 – Lectures and seminars on wood sculpture as well as courses on working with wood and clay, drawing, design and anatomy; among others, for the design centre of the company Swarovski in Wattens (A), the LKJ-Sachsen in Leipzig, the Daetz-Centrum in Lichtenstein (Ger) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara;
2002-06 – Leading teacher of the course on wood sculpture of the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau, Department of Applied Arts Schneeberg, at the Daetz-Centrum in Lichtenstein, Germany;
since 2007 – Collaboration with the Artforum Gallery of contemporary art, Bologna, Italy;
since 2011 – Collaboration with the White Room Art System Gallery of contemporary art, Capri/Positano, Italy.



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 6



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 7



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 8



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 9



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 10

2007 – Honour award for the sculpture “Dialogo” (dialogue) at the competition “Nova” held in the province of Bolzano
2007 – 1st prize at the competition for the 60th anniversary of the Bolzano fair for the work “Padiglione 1” (hall 1)
2008 – Honour award at the "Premio Arte" of magazine "Arte" – Giorgio Mondadori, work: "The mirror" 60 cm x 50 cm, 2008
2009 – Honour award at the art competition "eroism – inier, ncuei, duman" held in the province of Bolzano, work: “… hero …”, 70 cm x 60 cm, 2009
2010 – Winner at the art competition "III Trienala Ladina" on the Museum Ladin in San Martino in Badia, Italy
2010 – 1st prize at the art prize "Premio Arciere" of Sant' Antioco in Sardegna (Italy) for the work: "L'analfabeta", 45 x 37 cm, (catalogue)
2010 – 1st prize at the international artprize "XXXVII Premio Sulmona", in Sulmona (AQ), for the work: "Remember", 60 x 49 cm, (catalogue)
2014 – 1st prize "Premio Pio Alferano" at the art prize "Murat è vivo" in Castellabate (SA), for the work: "Nelle strade di Pizzo", 85 x 100 cm, (catalogue)



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 11



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 12



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 13



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 14


20.Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 15



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 16



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 17



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 18



Wood Sculptures by Peter Demetz 19


Peter Demetz è nato a Bolzano, Italia, vive e lavora ad Ortisei (BZ);

1983-84 – Frequenza dell’Istituto d'Arte di Ortisei;
1984-90 – Apprendistato nel laboratorio del maestro Heinrich Demetz;
1993 – Diploma di maestro scultore;
1993-09 – Partecipazione a mostre collettive ad Ortisei (UNIKA), Milano, Vail/Colorado, Lipsia, Lichtenstein (D), Gent (B), Vienna, Firenze, Bolzano, Lecce, Istanbul, Palma de Mallorca e Roma. Lavori su commissione in Italia, Austria, Germania, Islanda e negli USA;
1995-02 – Insegnante alle Scuole Professionali per Scultori di Ortisei e Selva nelle materie: disegno, storia dell’arte e scultura;
1997-00 – Presidente dell'Associazione "Artigianato Artistico Gardenese" e coordinatore del gruppo UNIKA;
1999-02 – Formazione in pedagogia, didattica, psicologia dell'apprendimento e dello sviluppo;
dal 2001 – Ha tenuto dei seminari su temi inerenti la scultura, e corsi di scultura sul legno, modellare e disegno; fra altro per il Designcenter della ditta Swarovski a Wattens (A), la LKJ-Sachsen di Lipsia, il Daetz-Centrum a Lichtenstein (D) e l'Accademia delle Belle Arti di Carrara;
2002-06 – Docente responsabile al corso di studi "Arte della scultura lignea“ dell’università di Zwickau (Germania), facoltà d'arte applicata di Schneeberg, presso il Daetz-Centrum a Lichtenstein (D);
dal 2007 – rappresentato dalla galleria Artforum arte contemporanea di Bologna.


2007 – Premiato al concorso “Nova” della provincia di Bolzano, opera: “Dialogo”, 62 cm x 46 cm, (catalogo)
2007 – 1° Premio al concorso per il 60° anniversario della Fiera di Bolzano, opera: “Padiglione 1”, 310 cm x 260 cm, 2007
2008 – Premiato al "Premio Arte" della rivista Arte- Giorgio Mondadori, opera: "Lo Specchio" 60 cm x 50 cm, 2008
2009 – Premiato al concorso artistico "Eroism – inier, ncuei, duman" dell’assessorato alla cultura ladina in collaborazione con il "Südtiroler Künstlerbund”, opera: “… Hero …”, 70 cm x 60 cm, 2009
2010 – Vincitore al concorso artistico "III Trienala Ladina" al museo ladino di San Martino in Badia;
2010 – 1° Premio al "Premio Arciere" a Sant'Antioco in Sardegna, opera: "L'Analfabeta", 45 x 37 cm, (catalogo);
2010 – 1° Premio al "XXXVII Premio Sulmona", rassegna internazionale d'arte contemporanea a Sulmona (AQ), opera: "il Ricordo", 60×49 cm, (catalogo);
2014 – 1° Premio "Premio Pio Alferano" al concorso "Murat è vivo" a Castellabate (SA), opera: "Nelle strade di Pizzo", 85×100 cm, (catalogo).


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