3 Steps to Creating The Best MLB Lineup for Your Fantasy League

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The first step towards having a successful MLB fantasy league season is drafting a stable and well-balanced team. Drafting a team that can dominate the fantasy league from day one is challenging. However, you can create a solid plan if you have a good base of knowledge. Everyone has their way of creating a team. However, there are some strategies that you can use to stay in the leading positions consistently. You can use your knowledge about baseball or the MLB lineup optimizer to draft your team.

Here are three steps to creating the best MLB lineup for your fantasy league.

Focus on Hitting Early

In fantasy MLB, getting excellent hitters will create a strong foundation for your team. Make sure you have at least some hitters who can drive at least 100 men, club about 30 homers, score at least 100 runs, and hit about .300. You can also do good by pitching early, but this is risky. Pitchers tend to get hurt often, and their wins can reduce wildly depending on run support, bullpen quality, and luck. So, the best option is to get a solid hitter. When drafting a pitcher, make sure he can get strikeouts. Strikeout pitchers have the most potential, and they may lead you to success.

Get Young Players with Upside Later

This move involves minimal risk. Focus on players who are elite prospects and have a few league experiences. Most of these players should be struggling as rookies. Use these high-upside players as your backups. If things begin to fall apart and your team is struggling, you can drop them for the moderately productive veterans. You should also prepare a list of sleepers so that you can avoid making panic picks. Knowing that you have some sleepers that can be available later in the draft, will prevent you from reaching. This move works, especially in the shallower positions. Keep a list of around 20 sleepers that you can target in the later rounds. Guys that did not perform as expected in the previous season are often of good value. Most people assume that their last season’s performance was a sign of decline, but they may have had a fluke year. Such guys are something you can consider going into your draft.

Don’t start or end the closer run

Starting or ending the closer run proves that you are only reaching a bit to fill a need. Never think of grabbing a closer until late in the fourth round. Some guys may get saved, but their strikeouts, ERA, and WHIP will reduce compared to starters because they throw fewer innings. Try to grab a dependable closer in the middle of the run (in the late fifth and sixth round). You can get one decent but not excellent closer and another young and unproven one.

No one can run your team better than you. However, these tips will help you draft a strong team that will lead you to success.