Penguin Goes To Shop & Buys His Own Fish | Cutest Video

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There is a pet penguin named La La in Japan. Everyday he walks into town by himself with a backpack and collects fish from the local fish market.

When Lala, penguin, hits the road with his backpack on, his favorite destination is the fish store.  There he’s a well-liked customer.  In 1996 Lala's family rescued him from a fishing line and when he was fully recovered, he refused to leave.  He's been the family pet ever since. They noticed he liked to walk and is smart, so they made him a little penguin backpack, and trained him to walk to the fish market every day. He buys his own fish there, and brings some home to eat!  And when he returns home to his Japanese family’s house, there is an air-conditioned room waiting for him.   

This video was filmed in 2006 when LaLa was 10 years old. This is quite amazing.


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