How to Write good Goodbye e-mail to Your Coworkers

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They say first impression is the last impression, I say, actually last impression is the opportunity to build first impression again when we talk about leaving organization and writing a farewell e-mail. After you quit your job, your goodbye email to your coworkers has the power to set the tone for the whole of your tenure.

Leaving your colleagues at good notes helps you to establish good networking with your managers and colleagues in previous organization or wherever they join in future. A good networking definitely helps you to grow and become successful. Hence when you write a goodbye e-mails keep these points noted and start typing…


Top 10 Tips For Sending A Goodbye E-mail Letter At Last Working Day In Office


#1 Send group mail keeping yourself in TO and all your senders in BCC, if you want to share same experience with all. This will save your time and keeping all in BCC will keep the privacy.


#2. Add a few lines praising someone, add lines on how someone (refer to names of those who you wish to endorse) had helped you during your tenure in the organization and graciously thank all, even though there could be some you would not want to.


#3. Keep the message brief, do not go into details about why you are leaving the job, depending upon their personalities, different people might interpret your reasons as a slur upon the company or those you have worked with.


#4. Include you personal and professional contact information, such as your new email address, Facebook id, LinkedIn id or phone number so that people can stay in touch with you. Connecting with your co-workers on LinkedIn as a way of remaining connected if you haven’t already, and moreover best way to strengthen your network.


#5. If you want to share with someone special or to your manger, its better to send individual emails, rather than group messages, so that your goodbye message to each colleague is personal and gracious.


#6. Give your adieu e-mail a personal touch. You may even add a few stories of your (good) experience with the team, the company or the culture, location, a subtle humor would work as well.


#7.  Its better to review sample letters and templates for examples of how to say goodbye. These can help you format your own goodbye e-mail. However, remember to personalize any sample letters to fit your own circumstances.


#8. Be sure to cross check your each email thoroughly, looking for any typo error. Keep in mind that this is personal and professional last e-mail to print last impression on your co-workers.


#9. Not saying too much about how excited you are joining new organization. Saying just enough about what you’re doing next, to set their mind with impression that how responsible and capable you are.


#10. Saying more than enough about how awesome your team is, so you’ll be remembered as generous and kind. Keep it bit emotional to let it feel bit nostalgic about the circumstances.


Sample Example

Subject: Farewell | Last but not the least.

Hello All,

Finally its time to say Good Bye!!

Good Byes are not easy, but sometimes they are inevitable.

[Company name or Project name] will always hold a special place in my heart as it is from where my career journey kicked off.

I entered in the firm as a graduate hire but will be leaving it with so much of learning and experience. I had the good fortune of being associated with such a helpful and encouraging team. This account is a vast ocean of knowledge and I am glad I was able to gain so much from it.

Let me make it easier than saying Good bye; Let me tell you Hello in advance for the next time I get to see you :)

Last but not the least find my details for contact:
[Facebook Contact]
[Gmail Contact]
[Mobile Contact]

[Your Signature]


Hope you like the article, you may like to visit to the page to see more sample good-bye emails drafted here.