These Kids Drew All Over Their Homework And So Does Their Teachers

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Kids learn best when they're given examples of how to solve problems. Instead of doing the work, show your child how you'd do a similar task, step by step. After each step, have him explain to you why you did it. When it comes to learning, "no pain, no gain" is a misconception. While a certain amount of struggling is normal, "pointless pain — banging your head against the wall — is a waste of time." If your child drags his feet on assignments, he has likely missed a key concept. Without enough basic knowledge, his homework won't be up to par and learning as a whole will be slower. You might have to review earlier lessons to find the sticking point.

Here are the 13 cute and funny photos when a child missed his/her key concept and drew all over their homework and their teacher nailed completly in same way.



Artwork by kids and teacher 2



Artwork by kids and teacher 3



Artwork by kids and teacher 4



Artwork by kids and teacher 5



Artwork by kids and teacher 6



Artwork by kids and teacher 7



Artwork by kids and teacher 8



Artwork by kids and teacher 9



Artwork by kids and teacher 10



Artwork by kids and teacher 11



Artwork by kids and teacher 12



Artwork by kids and teacher 13


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