21 Must Know Facts About The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco !

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Interesting facts about the Golden Gate Bridge – It was called a mousetrap upside down, which is “turned up” the natural beauty of the bay of San Francisco, and in 1999 the American Institute of Architects awarded its fifth in the list of the most popular buildings in the U.S. “America’s Favorite Architecture“.

Building of The Golden Gate Bridge began in January 5, 1933 , and after 4 years of Franklin Roosevelt cut the ribbon to open it . True, he did it remotely, via the Telegraph, in the case that he was not able to come.



21 Must Know Facts About The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco !


1. Construction of the bridge began during the Great Depression. Initial assessment of construction was $ 25 million, representing the value of two-thirds of all real estate in San Francisco at the time. But the construction of all the 35 million left. Now would be its construction cost in the amount of more than a billion dollars.

2. The bridge is called the “golden”, although it was originally orange colored international orange. He was selected by architect Irving Morrow because he seemed so bridge is a better fit into the surrounding landscape and was visible to ships. The naval forces of the United States were concerned enough visibility for ships of the bridge, so they recommended paint it  in black and yellow stripes.


3. It was the longest suspension bridge until 1964 before opening in New York City Verrazano Bridge, the length of the main span is 18 meters more. Since, 8 bridges exceeded its length.

4. Golden Gates supports are also record-holders: they were the highest on this type of bridge until 1998.

5. The Golden Gate Bridge – the most suicidal bridge in the world. There were happened 1500 deaths since it opened.


6. Interesting fact that 26 people who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, were survived.

7. To discourage suicide of four-second flight and subsequent impact on the water at a speed of 120 km / h on the bridge is even suicidal phones, for which far-fetched to commit suicide can get help before it’s too late.

8. 11 people died during the construction of the bridge. A further 19 which broke down from a bridge into a rescue net underneath. Now it is called “club halfway to hell”


9. Golden Gate Bridge was the first, where drivers have to charge a fee only when traveling in the one direction. For vehicles travel over the bridge $ 6 only if the car is going in the direction of the city, in the south, and for pedestrians to pass both ends free. Prior to 1970 and the fee charged to those who were the foot passengers.

10. 18 May 2004 on the bridge first deer ran by delaying the movement for 20 minutes.

11. The stylized image of the Golden Gate Bridge is the emblem of Cisco Systems.

Golden Gate Bridge

12. In one of the most popular computer games – GTA: San Andreas, this bridge connects the two games-cities  San Fierro and Las Venturas.

13. In the movie X-Men: The Last Stand Magneto moves the bridge in the direction of Alcatraz, which is a fiction: the length of the Golden Gate Bridge does not allow it.

14. All mathematical calculations for the bridge did Charles Alton Ellis, but because of the bad relations between him and Joseph Strauss, the Ellis’s name does not appear in the construction of the bridge and not inscribed on the plaque on the bridge builders of the south tower.



15. In 1987, when the bridge is 50 years old, happened a special celebration. On this occasion even want to block traffic on the bridge to all participants of the event could walk on it. In the Sunday, May 24, 1987 during the celebration of the bridge was about 300 thousand people.

16. California Patrol of the year takes off from the bridge about 70 intending to commit suicide people. The exact number of suicides can not be established as there were not always witnesses (because of the frequent fogs, or because the suicide was done at night).



17. Recorded only one case where the person managed to jump off the bridge and avoid serious injuries: in 1985, 16-year-old wrestler jumped off a bridge and he swam to shore, say his first words were “I can not do anything properly.”

18. It was first painted with a primer on the basis of red lead and the outer layer of lead-based or coloring as needed.



In the mid- 60s began a program to improve corrosion protection , which included the removal of old paint and repainting of the bridge using a primer based on zinc silicate and the outer layer based on vinyl.

Since 1990, for reasons related to the requirements to the quality of air, is used for the outer layer of acrylic emulsion . The program was completed in 1995 , and now the bridge is served by a team of 38 painters who touch up areas most affected by corrosion.



19. In 1864, John C. Fremont, the ship’s engineering and topographical expedition of the American army, called the Strait, which allows to get into San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate. By analogy with the Bosphorus – Golden Horn. The captain did not know how it would be a symbolic name of … “Gold, Gold! At the American River! “- The dusty streets of San Francisco rushed headlong carpenter James Marshall.

Golden Gate Bridge


20. The supports of the bridge are the two huge towers that rise out of the water to a height of 227 meters and are fastened two huge metal wire that hold the entire bridge in limbo.

21. About the construction of a bridge over the Strait of dreaming in the XIX century, but only in the beginning of the XX century, there are real opportunities for the technical realization of this idea.


Engineer Joseph Strauss, who developed at that time about 400 bridge structures, offered to lend a suspension bridge with two legs are longer than 2.5 km. His project was interesting, but nobody believed it, and the project was rejected.


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