7 Reasons Why Your AC is not Cooling Properly

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After months of inactivity and indolence, the time has come for your air conditioners to perk up and start working again. Indian citizens usually face the duality of nature; they have to endure the blistering summer heat, and when winter season arrives, they have to keep themselves warm from the freezing cold. Air conditioners, especially those that do not come with a heat mode are only needed for 4-5 months throughout the year. Thus, for the rest of the year, we do not even remember that we had installed an AC in our rooms.

When we remain inactive for long periods, we have difficulty in getting things done, and the same logic applies to appliances that remain dormant for long periods. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if they find their air conditioner accumulating dust, and not providing you with the solace it once did. Air conditioners can stop working properly for a myriad of reasons, but it is important that you know what to look for, so that you can get to the bottom of it before temperatures rise, and you find yourself facing the scathing temperatures while your AC is out of commission.

Here are the seven common problems that you usually find in air conditioners.

Issues with the air filter

The most common issue that people face is dirty air filters. When dirt and dust accumulate on the air filter, it hinders the passage of cool and warm air inside the ducts, while it can also affect the working of the thermostat. Furthermore, accumulation of dust and dirt particles can also result in the evaporator coil freezing, which can lead to serious issues with the AC unit.

Dirty coils

Expounding on the last sentence from the previous point, if the condenser coil does not work properly, it won’t be able to dissipate heat properly. This negatively impacts the functioning of the AC, and it is important to keep the condenser coils clean. You must ensure that the condenser coil isn’t dirty, and if you notice your AC not working properly, it is advised you immediately check and clean the condenser coil.

Issues with the thermostat

Ever wondered just how the AC knows when the temperature inside the room increases or dips? It is through the thermostat. Thus, it goes without saying that any faults with the thermostat, or if the thermostat isn’t set to optimal temperature, you will find that the AC is not cooling the room properly. Ensure that the thermostat is working properly, and is set to the optimal temperature that you need.

Issues with the coolant

The coolant in an AC plays a pivotal role, where it circulates through the evaporator coils, and reduces the temperature of the air flowing over it. Then it sends the cool air inside the room. Therefore, if there are any issues with the coolant, it won’t be able to reduce the temperature of the air, and sends back hot air inside the room. This could happen when there is insufficient coolant inside the air conditioning unit.

Faulty compressor

Compressors in air conditioning units play the most important part in providing cool air inside the room. The compressor motor compresses either the refrigerant or the coolant, and then circulates the refrigerant by sending it through the evaporator and condenser coils. Therefore, in the event that the compressor is faulty, or is not working properly, the cooling cycle inside the air conditioning unit does not even start, and you won’t get any cool air.

AC too small for your room

Yet another common reason that goes undetected is the size of the room, and the cooling capacity of the AC. For instance, if you purchase a Daikin AC, it will cool down a small-sized room of, say, 120 square feet. The Daikin AC will not be able to cool down a room of medium size, which can be around 150 – 200 square feet. For a medium-sized room, you would need at least a 1.5 ton AC.

Defective parts

Last but not least, the technical reasons for the AC not working properly could be defective parts, such as the compressor’s capacitor, faulty motor, or defective control board. You would need to call a technician to take a look at the air conditioning unit.

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