Amazon Festive Riddles Answers – Solve and win a OnePlus 7T Pro

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Answers all the 5 questions of the Amazon Festive Riddles and get a chance to win a OnePlus 7T Pro. The below clues will help you be make you eligible for the offer.

Riddle 1

I eat, I live. I breathe, I live. I drink. What am I?


Riddle 2

I am tall when young and short when I am old. What am I?

A tree
A greeting card
A candle

Riddle 3

I weigh nothing, but you can still see me. If you put me in a bucket, I make the bucket lighter. What am I?

A hole

Riddle 4

I have notes that are ‘top’, ‘heart’ and ‘base’. What am I?

A poem
A Cello
A perfume
A piano

Riddle 5

I am black when you buy me, red when you use me and gray when you throw me away. What am I?


Winners will be declared by 30th November 2019 on

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