She is Mother to 6 children & Loves to Photographing Them !

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Lucia Staykov who is Specialized in Baby and Child photography mother to six children. First a boy, then twin boys, then triplet girls.

She love taking photographs of her kids. She picked up Her first SLR camera a couple of years ago and haven’t put it aside.

She just love photographing children. Their innocence and expressions are priceless.


Here are a 13 of Her favorite images.

1# Black hood



2# Three emotions

Three emotions


3# Shower joy

Shower joy


4# Hiding



5 #Dark warrior

Dark warrior


6# Enchanted



7# Triplets in the tub

Triplets in the tub


8# Roar like a lion!

Roar like a lion!


9# Triplet



10# Kiss



11# Fish face

Fish face


12# Wet



13# Father’s Day

Father’s Day


Credit: child_expressions_photography
Source : boredpanda


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