21 insanely beautiful photos | Siena International Photo Awards

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These the photos clicked to make memories and not to be forgotten. These are some of the most amazing photo clicked in recent times from the professional photographers across the globe.

Siena International Photo Award is one of the photo contests with the highest international participation ever. 2016 edition has received nearly 50.000 images from photographers and artists of around more than 100 countries.

In the world of a huge number of contests, but only few of them are going amazing, impressive shots. One of these is competition Siena International Photography Awards, over the past year which was attended by people and photographers from 130 countries. Among the more than 50,000 works of organizers chose the best of the best, and we at ReckonTalk offer a look at the stunning pictures with us.

By the way, Siena International Photo Award is accepting applications for the 2017 competition and it is in full swing, and who knows, perhaps, among our readers there are the lucky ones who through their talent is about to get fame and recognition.

At this contest send jobs that can not be taken and forgotten.

Winner of competition. "Sardine run", South Africa

French photographer Lecoeur took home the biggest prize of the evening by photographing an underwater game of cat and mouse in South Africa. Lecoeur explains, “During the migration of the sardines along the coast of South Africa, all the marine predator are running for sardines! I was lucky to be at the right place at the good moment to photograph the predation.”

© Greg Lecoeur  


Nomination "Free color," noted the jury. "The contours and shadows", Vietnam

© Danny Yen Sin Wong  

Nomination "Animals in their natural environment," noted the jury. "Pilots", Djibouti

© David Robinson  

3rd place in the category "Sports". "Leap 2.0", Málaga, Spain

© Ajuriaguerra Saiz Pedro Luis  


2nd place in the category "Architecture and urban landscapes." "Women of reflection", Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

© Ali Al Hajri  

1st place in the category "Animals in their natural environment." "Resource allocation", Tromso, Norway

The Norwegian photographer was a big winner at the awards, with winning images in the wildlife and sport category. His winning photograph in the wildlife category shows the developing relationship between killer whale and fisherman, as the whale learns the sounds of the boat and lingers to catch extra herring that fall from the fisherman's nets.

© Audun Rikardsen  

Nomination "Animals in their natural environment," noted the jury. "Orangutan in the rain", Bali, Indonesia

© Andrew Suryono  


1st place in the "People and portraits." "Mother and Son", Baoji, Shaanxi Province, China.

This clean, simple, and touching image depicts the bond between mother and son, each mirroring each others position with an expression of calm contentedness on their faces.

© Jiming Lv  

1st place in the category "Beauty of nature". "The impressive Mount Etna eruption," Cesaro, Italy

Famiani's winning image of Sicily's Mt. Etna spewing ash, gas, and magma into the sky was shot in December 2015.

© Giuseppe Mario Famiani  

"Beauty of Nature" nomination. "Love the magician"

© Hasan Baglar  

"Beauty of Nature" nomination. "In the north"

© https://sipacontest.com/gallery/2016/category.php?cat=5  

1st place in the category "Travel". "Strawberry greenhouses", Aydin, Turkey

© Leyla Emektar  

Nomination "Travel", the jury noted. "Relations", Singapore Zoo

© Alla Sokolova  

3rd place in the category "Travel". "Floating Market", Southern Borneo

© Antonius Andre Tjiu  


Nomination "Animals in their natural environment." "Snow monkeys"

© CS Ling  

Nomination "Travel", the jury noted. "Repair network", Bac Lieu, Vietnam

This dreamy image captures a woman in the small fishing village of Phan Rang in southern Vietnam making a traditional fishing net. Handmade fishing nets are typically manufactured by women while the men are responsible for catching fish.

© Hoang Long Ly  


"Travel" nomination. "The Huntress"

© Asher Svidensky  


Nomination "Travel", the jury noted. "Makeup", India

© Sanghamitra Sarkar  


Based on materials from Siena International Photography Awards

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